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Silver Boots

Dean Ariola

Silver is as slick as they come. Whether in light or dark shades, silver, like all metallic finishes, always seems to be alive. Boots for the seriously stylish, who take their style seriously! If you are wanting to get yourself some sweet shiny boots, check out the silver ones on offer below.

Nike Boots in Silver

XXV Pack

Surely everyone expected the Limited Edition to be sold out, and it did! But nothing to worry about as Nike has launched a general XXV pack to continue the celebration of the Mercurial’s 25th anniversary. The pack still covers the Superfly and Vapor with silver and reflective Mercurial details, but gives each its own respective colour accents and Swoosh positioning to at least differentiate the two.

XXV Limited Editon

The primary silver colour sparkles and the brandings in outline form shine in gold. Nike shows off a celebratory limited-edition Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly and Vapor to commemorate the silo’s 25th anniversary, with the predominant colour matching the theme of the occasion. To top things off, a unique polygonal box comes with the XXV Mercurials, surely a thing hardcore boot collectors look forward to.

adidas Silver Boots

adidas dropped the ‘Beyond Fast‘ pack, a collection comprised of silver Predator Edges and X Speedportals (both with multicolour highlights), for the Champions League nights at the early part of the 2022/23 season. It did not include the Copa and was the last pack before the Al Rihla for the World Cup.

Puma Silver Options

Puma’s Neymar ‘Rare‘ signature had the Future Z in a predominantly silver colourway. The release had a Puma Tricks vibe courtesy of the differing accent colours between the left boot and the right boot on their respective laces and Fuzionfit+ yarns. It was released before the start of the 2022 World Cup, but then Neymar actually had a different signature for the tournament and never got to wear the ‘Rare’ in Qatar.

Silver captures exactly what it means to be outstanding. Bold, brash, and sophisticated all at once. From the Silver Surfer, to the Silver Back Gorilla, it establishes once and for all that the wearer is worthy of some of your awe. Because it’s awesome.

Other Boot Options in Silver

Skechers Laser Comfort Pack

Laser Comfort dressed up the Skechers SKX-01 and the Skechers Razor with a metallic look that is ornamented with green accents. Harry Kane’s silo opted for a minty shade for the secondary detailing, while the speed boot went for a neon-like tone for the accent colour. Furthermore, Razor patched up the upper edge of the heel with some iridescence, mostly with a purplish glow.

Top 10 Silver Boots Ever

Mercurial Vapor 1 R9

Nike Mercurial Vapor 1 R9

This boot was debuted in 2002 by ‘El Fenomeno’ Ronaldo in their World Cup semifinal against Turkey. The release of the first Mercurial Vapor was awarded by Nike to the athlete with the best performance in the tournament, and certainly, Ronaldo was on his A-game and outshined the likes of Henry and Totti. The Vapor 1 was conceptualized to support 90 minutes of sprinting, thus giving birth to the boot’s anatomical last and one-piece NikeSKIN upper.

Superfly IV CR7 Silverware

Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 CR7 Silverware

March 2015 introduced the boot that was inspired by the trophy-hunting career of Nike’s golden boy Cristiano Ronaldo. This CR7 signature boot shimmered under the bright lights of Camp Nou on the succeeding El Classico, being used to devastating effect as the man himself scored a penetrating goal from a backheel by Benzema. Ronaldo’s pace to win that ball was supported by the boot’s brio cables knitted to the Flyknit upper and attached to both lacing system and carbon plate, effectively slingshotting Ronaldo whenever he sprints.

Ace 16+ Purecontrol Mercury

Adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol Mercury

The revolutionary boot in the laceless category went with a chrome release right before the Euro 2016 tournament to be used by Paul Pogba. The ACE 16+ combined Primeknit with Non-Stop Grip technology to deliver a high-performance laceless boot that was indeed purely about control.

Mercurial Vapor 12 Golden Touch

Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Balon d’Or Golden Touch

The 2018 Balon d’Or was one of the few years not awarded to either Ronaldo or Messi. That year belonged to Luka Modric who at that year won a third successive Champions League and a runner’s up finish in the FIFA World Cup. Nike then awarded Modric with a silver Vapor 12 wrapped with toned fingerprint-like linings and shined all over with silver glitters. This Flyknit boot with an anatomical internal chassis had an ‘M’ branding that symbolized both Mercurial and Modric.

Superfly IV CR7 Quinhentos

Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 CR7 Quinhentos

The CR7 Quinhentos was launched in March 2016 to commemorate Ronaldo’s achievement of surpassing 500 goals. The Quinhentos were more silverish than the CR7 Silverware and featured a Mercurial Dream Speed 2-like graphical print on the heel.

Mercurial 1 R9

Nike Mercurial R9

Initially known as the Tiempo Ultra Light and the Ronaldo Ultra Speed, the Mercurial R9 pioneered the silo that catered speed at its core. The Brazilian striker debuted the boots in the 1998 FIFA World Cup and suitably gave the boot its affinity to velocity. The boot’s KNG-100 was ahead of its time in terms of being lightweight and contained hydrophobic characteristics enabling it to retain its weight even in wet conditions. This iconic silver boot with a blue-and-yellow design was so popular it spawned modern remakes in 2013 and 2018 with the Vapor IX and Superfly VI respectively.

Predator Pulse DB Dragon

Adidas Predator Pulse DB Dragon

The 2005 Predator Pulse DB Dragon, as the name implies, showcased a classy dragon print on the side of the boot to aesthetically flavour this particular Predator that was packed with features such as a K-leather forefoot and Power swerve finned instep. This Eastern-Western combination allowed Adidas to gain a significant market share ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mercurial Vapor 9 Fast Forward 02

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ’02 Fast Forward

This 2014 boot was a remake of the Vapor 1 R9 featured above in this list. The Vapor 1 R9 gained even more prominence as El Fenomeno cemented his status as the world’s best striker in 2002 by scoring 8 times in that year’s FIFA World Cup, 2 of which materialized in Brazil’s cup-winning final against Germany. The Vapor IX had Nike’s control technologies, incorporating both All Conditions Control ( for consistent ball touch even in wet conditions ) and Speed Control (golf ball-like texture on the upper balancing soft ball touch with just the right amount of friction).

Morelia Neo 2 Silver

Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Beta Silver

Football boots enthusiasts would always have Mizuno breaking into their list of top football boots. In 2019 Mizuno gave the world super thin and lightweight version of the Morelia Neo 2 with the Beta version. The Beta had thinned out the already-thin Scotchguard K-leather forefoot of the MN2 and also replaced the synthetic leather midfoot with a razor-thin synthetic meshed yarn. Despite its minimized nature, the Beta MN2 boasted Mizuno’s known durable quality making it a modern leather speed boot at its purest form to date.

One 17.1 Chrome

Puma One Chrome

This limited edition boot saw Chrome as the cover of the One 17.1 and was revealed by Puma player Antoine Griezmann in 2017. This specific 17.1 departed from the usual leather upper by using synthetic instead while retaining evoKnit sock.


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