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Are X 18 Right For You?

A massive update to the X18 brings us a laceless version and a noticable new look to the 18.1 version, previously we'd advised you away from the X17 lower models, have things changed with this new X18 generation?

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We've taken the best expert online opinions and created an easy to reacd, complete review of the X18 to answer all your questions on the adidas boots!

X18+ vs X18.1

Which is better for you the laceless X18+ or the laced X18.1?

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Do you know which X18 which is best for you? Different versions worn by Bale & Salah, we can help! You're considering the X18 from adidas, whether that be the lacess X18 + or the .1 .2 or .3 let's Unleash Speed

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The X range, in every form has an undoubted attack-minded theme and this is enhanced by the thin and lightweight synthetic materials which make the boots ready for the fast paced performances of modern day football. The X 16 silo is headlined by some of adidas' and football's biggest talents including Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Marcelo, and Karim Benzema. The X by adidas, originally launched in the Summer of 2015, is now in its third generation of construction, it appears to get a revamp at the same time every year, with the X18 revealed in time for the 2018 Champions League final.

Continuing the speed-theme from the F50, adidas' X 15 was their first boot to feature a Techfit collar to increase a sock-like fit which is also a feature retained upon the follow-up X 16 & X 17 models. Boasting a truly modernistic design the upper of the X uses a thin yet soft synthetic upper similar to the previous X-Skin example however also incorporates a slashed-like graphic for a striking design and also increased friction upon the ball for close control and ball manipulation. Whereas original X 15.1 featured an aggressive X-Claw sole plate, the updated X18 & X 17.1 provides tried and tested acceleration through the highly popular Sprintframe outsole.

Whilst the early X boots incorporated Primeknit materials, the most notable feature of adidas' X is the Purecut lace cover found on the 17+ Purespeed to enhance a cleaner ball touch & strike. The no-tongue and raised collar system donned Techfit of the X 16.1 is similar to what is seen on the Phinish and Vapor silos by Nike as both brand's look for the ultimate in lockdown and responsiveness. The design of the X 17.1 holds certain reminiscence to that of American football cleats offering raised ankle support. The X 18.1 range offers scaled down alternatives including the 18.2, 18.3 and 18.4 ranges for club, youth and entry level footballers.