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adidas Superlative Pack

Blake Grice

A fresh start in 2021 for the home of the Predator football boot as it unveils the adidas Superlative Pack featuring the new Predator Freak and Copa Sense, the latest generational update for two of the most iconic football boot silos in the industry! Moreover, the existing Nemeziz and X Ghosted also have colourway updates to keep things lively on those fronts.

The Predator Freak and Nemeziz share the same colour template, with the collar area being black and the upper going blue while the grip elements radiate with a shade of neon-like yellow. White adidas stripes form part of the accents of both boots. The ControlFrame of the Predator has a blue front stud plate and yellow for the rear one, while the Torsion System of the Nemeziz delivers a metallic royal blue finish.

Moving on to the X Ghosted, the Superlative pack switches the colour roles around as the bright yellow shade now dominates the Mirageskin upper and black fills out the adidas stripes on the outside of the toe box and the graphical streaking lines on the sides of the boot. An iridescent glow permeates the white Carbitex Speedframe.

Lastly, the all-new Copa Sense debuts a classic yet classy combination of black premium K-leather upper with white details and a new TPU soleplate that is gold.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.