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Sapphire Edge Pack

Ian Ebbs

Sapphire is a precious gemstone linked with abundance and serenity. Release any mental tension and enrich your football experience with the adidas Sapphire Edge Pack, featuring all of the brand’s current silos in different vivid shades of blue. Get a sapphire-like value from your football footwear, whichever adidas boot you choose from this collection.

The Copa Sense has the most focused look, seen on its predominantly navy Fusionskin upper. White and orange accents appear on the collar edge, logos, and stud tips to lighten the overall tone. The bespoke wavey external heel counter is another contrasting detail as it shows up in a lighter blue colour. The light blue extends to the rear of the Senseframe before transitioning to a darker shade towards the forefoot.

As one of the new boots of the year, the Sapphire Edge Predator Edge is one of the most anticipated. The royal blue and warm orange combination for the upper and grip elements harks back to the launch colourway of the first Predator LZ from the adidas Euro 2012 pack. So not only is the Predator Edge similar to the LZ in terms of the grip element application, but it also brings back one of the most distinct looks of that earlier Predator generation.

The brightest boot in the Sapphire Edge Pack is the X Speedflows. They are predominantly turquoise blue with hot pink applications on the logos and stud tips. The Carbitex Speedframe caps off the look and glow of the speed boot with a wearable finish.


Ian Ebbs

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