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Whiteout Predator Accuracy and Copa Pure Lead Launch of the adidas Pearlized Pack!

Dean Ariola

*Update 7/25/2023

With the X Crazyfast now the official speed boot entry of adidas, the said silo makes its way to this whiteout pack. Presented here in all white tones are the laceless and laced .1 versions. Its whiteout application is arguably cleaner than that of the outgoing X Speedportal, which has a black underlay behind the stability wings.

*End of Update

They might look pristine and immaculate, but they are ready to go through the dirt of grass and let their wearers enjoy football! Pairs of whiteout Predator Accuracy and Copa Pure lead the official rollout of the Pearlized Pack, which also includes a whiteout version for the X Speedportal. This follows the other launches where the new-gen Predator and Copa preview the entirety of the Nightstrike black pack and On-pitch Own Your Football 2023 pack.

If you take the word of the pack’s name, all adidas boots in this collection are indeed ‘pearlized’ as their white monochromatic look is a rarity these days. It’s not easy to find a pair of white football boots that does not have any secondary design or accents to them. Another interesting point is that us boot lovers can visually decide if white or black looks better as Pearlized goes out side-by-side with the contrasting Nightstrike.

Just like in Nightstrike, the X Speedportal tries to be different. This time around instead of going all-in on white, the speed boot adopts some black accents courtesy of the layer behind the fins of the carbon heel lock.

Upon closer look, one can see adidas has the white boots showcasing an off-white shine. It’s indeed a detail that can draw comparison to those eye-pleasing shine of pearls, giving boot lovers more reason to put the boots straight to their collection. And if you want to be bold enough, you might even think of getting the contrasting blackout pair and get one boot from each for a truly half-and-half boot look.


Dean Ariola

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