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adidas Drops Parley Pack

Dean Ariola

With the likes of the adidas Copa Pure and Puma King Ultimate moving away from K-leather (the latter even going for a full synthetic leather upper), sustainability seems to be an emerging boot theme this 2023. That’s exactly what adidas doubles down on with the drop of the ‘Parley’ Pack. ‘Parley for the Oceans’ is an organisation that aims to address threats to our oceans. adidas and Parley join forces then to produce a collection of football boots that have environmentally-friendly features as well as a bespoke Parley look.

The adidas Parley boots are predominantly greyish white, but they are accented heavily by an oceanic green secondary colour theme to emphasise the group’s specific environemental advocacy. Moreover, waves of lines, which are easy to equate with the said body of water, serve as the primary visual design element.

The essence of the adidas Parley pack, however, is the sustainable features incorporated into the football boots. A vegan leather Copa Pure and a carbon-free X Speedportal lead the charge on this front. On the other hand, the Predator Accuracy joins the two in featuring more recycled materials and a high percentage of ocean plastic. The aim is to have the most eco-friendly football boots on the pitch as soon as they get released.

We’re helping make sure waste doesn’t stay waste. Transforming the problem into performance, and athletes everywhere are choosing for better. 

This adidas football x Parley pack alone won’t save our oceans. It’s just part of our commitment to keep innovating and help reduce plastic waste.

-adidas, 2023


Dean Ariola

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