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adidas Launch Nightstrike Pack, Begins with New-gen Predator Accuracy and Copa Pure!

Dean Ariola

*2/6/2024 Update*

Nightstrike now includes the Predator 2024.

*12/5/2023 Update*

Copa Nightstrike now refreshed with the iteration for the Copa Pure II.

*7/19/2023 Update*

Instead of launching another black pack for its latest speed boot to be part of, adidas has decided to have the new-gen X Crazyfast to join the Nightstrike Pack. X Crazyfast Nightstrike only includes the laced and laceless .1s, and it gives up the reflective details of the X Speedportal in favour of a bluish application of the adidas stripes and silo branding.


The new year symbolically signals the start of the second half of the season, and so while it is technically the first for 2023, we could say that adidas just launched its second black pack for the 2022/23 campaign. Called the Nightstrike, this pack of adidas black football boots sounds off the military-like precision and teamwork of the elite group of football players wearing them. And following the footsteps of the ‘Shadowportal,’ Nightstrike has new-gen boots in its collection…

The Predator Accuracy appears in Nightstrike with a bit of an anthracite glow to illuminate the boots details. As such, the adidas stripes on the sides appear subtly while the Primeknit tongue and collar do have a clear contrast to the rest of the upper. The dynamic of the blackout colourway with the revamped grip elements make the textured look akin to an animal skin.

Teased at the end of 2022, the adidas Copa Pure is now available for retail in both laceless and laced variants. The Pure’s look from the Nightstrike Pack covers the entirety of the boot in black, with minimal tonal differences here and there to show the different parts and cosmetics of the boot. There’s also no visible brandings or logos as far as the Copa Nightstrike is concerned.

The all-black attire suits the Fusionskin well and does make the Copa totally look built in leather from heel to toe.

The X Speedportal is the boot that kind of deviates from the blackout theme. Whereas the Copa Pure has tonal differences and the Predator Accuracy displaying some anthracite shine, the adidas speed boot goes for an eye-catching reflective silver accent on its brand stripes, once the light goes off.

That silver spot on black just offers the speedportal a timeless pleasing look, even if it only shows up when the spotlight is not around.


Dean Ariola

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