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Locality Pack Boots

Dean Ariola

adidas has provided a new makeup of its leading silos colourways along with natures continuous renewal this spring by releasing the Locality Pack. The pack features the X 19, Copa 20, and Predator 20 in bright monochrome styles providing a noticeable fresh radiance that, when combined with its boots technologies, bring flair and performance together on the pitch.

The laceless X 19 and its X-Layskin upper is freshly hot with a shock pink colour throughout the boot. Only the low-cut Claw collar, which is more intense, and the forefoot studs, which are lighter, have an observable different shade. The upper remains soft, light, and pliable which enables a streamlined comfortable fit. The locality X 19 still has an external 3D moulded heel for stability that seamlessly connects with the lightweight Speedframe outsole. The locality colourway is also available in X 19.1.

The Premium K-leathered Copa 20 is now in the form of a pleasant solar green. It can be said that the Copa 20 locality is the green version of the Hard Wired Copa 19. The Sockfit collar and the Exoframe use a lighter shade. Tech-wise, the Copa 20 remains laceless and its upper is treated with Fusionskin to reduce water uptake. It continues to have internal foam pads and moulded sock liner for a comfortable cushioning inside the boot. Locality is also available to Copa 20s takedowns.

The aggressive and bold Predator 20 and its Sockfit collar, Primeknit upper, Demonskin, heel counter, and split soleplate all use tonal pop red in line with the monochrome nature of the Locality pack. The adidas stripes, though coming in pink, blends well with its pop red background. Predator 20 locality is available in the takedown models as well.


Dean Ariola

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