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Locality Pack Boots

adidas has provided a new makeup of its leading silos colourways along with natures continuous renewal this spring by releasing the Locality Pack. The pack features the X 19, Copa 20, and Predator 20 in bright monochrome styles providing a noticeable fresh radiance that, when combined with its boots technologies, bring flair and performance together on the pitch.

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adidas Boots in Locality Pack Pack:

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The laceless X 19 and its X-Layskin upper is freshly hot with a shock pink colour throughout the boot. Only the low-cut Claw collar, which is more intense, and the forefoot studs, which are lighter, have an observable different shade. The upper remains soft, light, and pliable which enables a streamlined comfortable fit. The locality X 19 still has an external 3D moulded heel for stability that seamlessly connects with the lightweight Speedframe outsole. The locality colourway is also available in X 19.1.

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Locality Pack Boots

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