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Where To Buy Glitch Boots

A boot that has outerskins you can switch for different conditions or just because you want a new color update?! Those skins are a lot cheaper than a full new pair of boots and you can go from leather to synthetic or SG to FG in the time it takes to slide on a pair o slippers! Hard to get hold of, but worth it for a gamechanger!

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adidas Glitch Tested

We take a few pairs of Glitch to the pitch and talk about which are the best outershoes and test them for you

How To Put On The GLITCH

We take a look at a few outershoes colour options and show you there are 3 ways to put them on, can you do it like the Pros?

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An absolute revolution in football boots, these you can switch the outershoe whilst keeping the innershoe, there are loads of ways to wear them, different Glitch skins, that you can update at low cost, we'll tell you all about them, how to wear them and most importantly how you can get them!

glitch Boots

Check out some of the awesome pictures of various versions of the boots that are available, get help with your next pair here

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Posing as adidas' revolutionary football boot creation released in late October of the 2016/17 season, the three-striped brand officially introduced their innovative Glitch concept which took boot customisation to all-new levels. Initially teased on Snapchat and made available exclusively via a locked adidas app, the Glitch concept actually held certain reminiscence to the previous F50 Tunit range released back in 2006 which featured a similar objective - boot customisation.

Taking inspiration from its Purecontrol, Purechaos, and Pureagility adidas boot counterparts, the Glitch was designed to offer uninterpreted touch and ball striking through its lack of laces however the forward-thinking silo also aimed to improve responsiveness and lockdown through an inner boot which locked into an outer shell through conjoining studs.

The inner boot also enhanced a sock-like fit through its Neoprene composition with the outer shell preferring either a soft synthetic characteristic or traditional K-Leather, whilst special editions incorporated reptile-like graphics through reflective qualities. The upper itself featured a stitching line across the forefoot, very similar to the Purechaos and Pureagility, where the toe-box attaches to the remainder of the boot.

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