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adidas Release World Cup X Crazyfast Federations Boots

Dean Ariola

Following the men’s 2022 tournament in Qatar, the biggest footballing event this year is that of the women’s World Cup to be held in Australia and New Zealand. Speaking of the international tournament, adidas now begins dropping special X Crazyfast releases with bespoke country designs. And what better way to start doing the drops than beginning with X Crazyfast from the ‘Land Down Under.’ Some of you might even have that 2006 World Cup feel when adidas released country-specific uppers for the F50 Tunit system…

With its predominantly mellow yellow colourway and green detailing, this particular X Crazyfast.1 just screams Matildas all over it. Regarding the green accent, it is prominent on the forefoot adidas striping and on the strips covering far back the counter. Signing off the said diagonally-oriented panel is a black trim with the ‘AUSTRALIA’ branding for the one on the lateral side and the ‘CRAZYFAST’ for the one on the medial. Capping off the design is the vertical heel strip in green that carries a small adidas performance logo in the bespoke yellow shade.

As for the USWNT version, much of the boot is in white. The other national colour references are mostly on the deep blue stripes and the quarter overlay, which is red with silver stars. There are also stars along the forefoot adidas stripes, though they are applied tonally and provide a certain amount of texture on the boot.

Brazil’s Federation X Crazyfast does not go with the bespoke yellow of the nation. Instead, the boot is predominantly blue with white forefoot stripes. The yellow, with its singular bold strip accompanied by streaking ones, has been confined to the quarter. The green heel strip completes the Brazilian makeup of the adidas speed boot.


Dean Ariola

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