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adidas Launch the Fast Reborn F50

Dean Ariola

With the adidas Fast Reborn, the Stripes brand is indeed fast-tracking the return of its iconic speed silo. One of the most dominant speed boots from the past decade, it had been part of multiple magical football moments.There’s Lionel Messi’s famous 2009 “boot kiss” celebration against Manchester United, the winning goal in the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final and Melanie Leupolz’s silky displays for FC Bayern Women on the way to league success in 2014/15. It has indeed been worn by some of the greatest. It’s back now to grace the feet of today’s best.

So what better way to lead the return of the F50 than to tap the greatest of all time. Messi and his 2010 World Cup Purple Chameleon serves as the inspiration for the Fast Reborn colourway. It does provide some slight changes to the accent details to represent unbridled speed. The original has plain white accents for the Stripes, whereas Fast Reborn has them on Lucid Lemon to white fade. The intended effect is to have the colourway produce a shapeshifting motion look to catch everyone’s attention, wherever they may be on the pitch.

The F50 2024 is a synthetic football boot, but will see in the future if adidas will double down on the nostalgia and produce some leather variants or special editions of some sort. The Fibertouch upper is more of a representation of today’s open-mesh with cage and coating reinforcement rather than the single layer of previous F50 uppers. The Sprintframe 360 does have hints of older F50 soleplates, but also builds on the stud configurations of the X speed boots. Fast Reborn comes in two variants. One has laces with a tongue-tunnel system and the other is a one-piece laceless construct with integrated Primeknit. Whether there’s a third option of a laced one-piece Fibertouch with Primeknit (like in the previous X Crazyfast) is something will find out soon.

Now with the F50 back, there are several multiple boot storylines to follow. Will it last longer this time around? And is it back to haunt the Nike Mercurials? We’ll make sure to cover the latest from the F50 2024. Stay tuned here at Football Boots UK.


Dean Ariola

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