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adidas Drop Black Predator ’24

Dean Ariola

We already have a whiteout version of the Predator ’24 that takes its place in the earlier Pearlized Pack. Academy players who lace the adidas control boot now have a reason to rejoice, with the blackout version also out now. Black boot lovers are obviously welcome to join in the fun, and anyone searching for a pair that looks good with their kits can find home in the timelessness of the colourway. It’s also a good way to put the attention more on the substance of the silo rather than the aesthetics. Like the white release, black Predator ’24 replaces the Accuracy in the Nightstrike Pack.

Hybridtouch 2.0 shows a matte finish. Controlframe 2.0 has some gloss on it (with the FT Elite having an added iridescent effect). And the adidas stripes deliver a reflective lustre. Pressing against pitch black, the scaled-down brandings and logos become visible in dark grey. This is the black tone and hue interplay you will get regardless of the Elite Predator that you choose.

We’ve seen Strikeskin in black and dark grey. It’ll be interesting to find out if we get some colour variation for the Predator’s highlight feature in future packs.


Dean Ariola

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