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adidas Launch ’94 Predator 2024

Dean Ariola

In 2014, adidas celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Predator by dropping a remake of the Predator 94. However, it was made with a synthetic upper. So while the looks might be nostalgic, the fit and feel had been left wanting. This year though, adidas has finally done a remake in both form and substance, as its 2024 iteration now includes another feature that is also synonymous to the OG boot: natural leather upper! It’s shaping up to be one those boots that ends up more in a collector’s cabinet than being laced up to swerve the ball up…

So first things first, a 1994 Predator remake won’t be as such if it doesn’t have those vulcanised rubber elements on the forefoot that were indeed revolutionary for football boots at that time. Just like the source inspiration the ’94 Predator 2024 simply has that. Moreover, that forefoot makeup flows like an arm towards the sides and ends up giving a hug around the heel, just like in the original. And if you remember 1994 like it was just yesterday, you would surely love to hug these remake boots tight. From forefoot to heel, you are assured of the presence of rubber elements, so get that ball grip and swerve at basically any part of the boot.

We also see in the 2024 remake those bespoke adidas stripe shaping that gives a rounded finish to the tips. adidas remembers to include the reptilian skin markings on the panel surrounding the laces. And finally, the classic combination of black, white and red are placed on their respective places. Sure, the Solar Energy Predator also has that bespoke colour harmony. But that boot also has yellow accents and the red shade is relatively brighter and lighter than the one we get accustomed to the silo back in the ’90s.

Perhaps added to make the ’94 Predator 2024 distinguishable, the lip on the front of the boot and the adidas striping both carry the reptilian skin markings, as opposed to the plain look in the original 1994. There’s also the cutting out of the tongue height and reduction of the heel extension that gives the remake boot a modern silhouette. Tooling-wise, it uses the present-time Controlframe 2.0, which in this Predator edition has a grey surface with red overlay panels, one along the instep and the other running along the lateral edge from midfoot to heel. Given the integration of modern Predator features, adidas has got you covered regardless of your purpose of buying this 1994 remake. Whether your after it as a collector’s item or as standout, limited edition boots on the pitch, what’s most important is you enjoy the boot and your football.


Dean Ariola

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