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nitrocharge 1.0

First released and debuted in May 2013, the nitrocharge 1.0 is now in it's second generation which was launched after the 2014 World Cup. Under the slogan 'Nitrocharge your game', the nitrocharge is designed for the Engine, the box-to-box midfielder who runs all day and demands the ball for ninety minutes. All sorts of players do wear the boots though with goalkeeper Manuel Neuer along with the likes of Javi Martinez, Daniele De Rossi and Jack Rodwell headlining the range.

Nitro Charge Boots

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The ENERGYSLING construction comprises of a high-elasticity rubber band wrapped across the upper which is designed to support side-cut and turn movements. The sling has been made larger this time round offering a more straight forward fit. The ENERGYPULSE construction is engineered to deliver high energy output during the toe-off phase which works alongside the diamond shaped studs offering maximum grip and performance across the surface. The nitrocharge also includes a mesh layer in the rear-foot for high protection and pre-moulded protection pads in the toe, heel and midfoot areas offering supreme protection.

Like the Predator silo the nitrocharge offers a super soft and comfortable HYBRIDTOUCH upper offering the benefits of both synthetic and leather in one for optimised lightweight comfort around the toes. Topped off with the SPRINTFRAME soleplate construction with the lucrative TRAXION 2.0 stud configuration offering unrivalled traction and grip on the surface. Packed full of technology weight is not compensated as the nitrocharge weighs an incredible 250 grams. If the nitrocharge 1.0 is above your price range you can try the 2.0 and 3.0 editions designed for junior, youth and developing footballers.

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