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Predator Edge Review

Dean Ariola

The Predators are one of the boots seen in top-level professional matches. And 2022 gives another generation in the form of the Predator Edge, replacing the 2021 Predator Freak and the 2020 Predator Mutator. Those two previous Preds gave the iconic silo its renaissance in the 2020s. The question is: Is the Predator Edge then better, on-par or a step back for adidas?

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As one of adidas’ longest-serving silos, the Predator has seen it all: from its classic power identity to its current refashioning as a masterful control boot. Most professionals will mostly ponder ‘Which among the leading speed boots should they choose?’. But the Predator Edge is a class of its own, and so it makes no surprise that the popular Predator players generally are those that possess the ultimate technical skills and intelligence.

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What’s New w/ the Predator Edge?

First, the Demonskin rubber spikes are replaced by the strategically-positioned Zoneskin ridges. Second, the collar’s height has been reduced and a slit is added on the front to make it easy to stretch the opening and insert the foot. Lastly, the new Facetframe outsole is still split-soled but features less cut-outs, a more straight-forward triangular stud configuration, and a weighted ‘Power Facet’ toe box piece meant to shift the weight towards the front when striking the ball. The upper is still Primeknit-based, but the fit and feel have changed because of the reengineering mentioned above.

Our Thoughts…

Despite the change from spikes to ribs, the Predator Edge is on par with the grip level set by the Freak and the Mutator and still feels like grabbing the ball literally. You can’t go wrong with the Predator Edge if you are looking for a boot that really does aid your first touch and ball control!

The reduced height of the Facefit collar is a very welcome change. On top of that, the slit on the front makes it easy to stretch the opening and put on the boot compared to that of the Freak and Mutator.

The Facetframe matches the performance of the Freak and Mutator’s Controlframe, meaning that it feels effectively solid and stable for an outsole. A minor point is that the ‘Power Facet’ seems to be more of an ornament rather than the marketed functional technology of weight transfer.

But for all the niceties of the Predator Edge, it has arguably been let down by its fit and feel. Yes, the Zoneskin is grippy and is a major positive for the boot. But it is also the biggest negative: due to the structure of the ridge elements, the Primeknit material forms more on the said ribbings rather than on the foot. The result is a roomy toe box and a stiff upper (which means more break-in time is required and even then comfort would still not be its strongest suit).

Your Predator Edge Options:

Other Predator Edge+ FAQs:

  • Are the Predator Edge good for wide feet?

Because of the way the current Predator is constructed, the roomy toe box makes it more suitable to wide-feet players. It leaves the X Speedflow and the Copa Sense to cover those that are narrow to moderate-fitting.

  • Who wears the Predator today?

Paul Pogba, Jude Bellingham, and David Alaba are some of the rockstar names to wear the Predators.

Yes, adidas does make kids sizes for the Predator. And not just the takedowns but also the top-of-the-line models (except for the high-cut with laces).

Predator Edge+ Laceless Review

Predator Edge Boots 7 Things To Know

  1. Zone Skin ribbings optimised for swerve, power, control, and dribbling; looks familiar to the ‘Lethal Zones’ of the 2012 Predator LZ
  2. Facefit collar comprised of a two-piece Primeknit material
  3. Zonal ridges sit on a Primeknit-based upper
  4. Weighted ‘Power Facet’ forefoot piece on the new split-soled ‘Facetframe’ is intended to shift weight towards the toe when striking the ball
  5. New Facetframe outsole features a reengineered split-sole structure and a weighted toe box piece
  6. Also has laced variants, one with the standard collar and the other with a low cut
  7. Replaces 2021’s Predator Freak

Our Predator Edge Expert Review

Predator Edge

One of the grippiest boots available is let down by a stiff upper, that can feel clunky on feet, you'll notice that not many pro players wear the laceless version due to a lack of lockdown too.

Product SKU: GW1040

Product Brand: adidas

Editor's Rating:

✔️ Pros
  • Grippiest boots today; easy to dribble and swerve with
  • Beefier build offers the most protection among the top boots in the market
  • Easier to put on now because of the slit on the collar
  • Facetframe is decent and has a functional balance between midfoot stability and forefoot flexibility
❌ Cons
  • Already coming with a moderately wide last, fit is affected even further by the roomy toebox caused by the structure of the Zoneskin
  • Stiff out of the box despite the knitted upper; needs more break-in time (though comfort isn’t really going to be its strongest suit
  • Power Facet on the tip of the outsole’s forefoot not really bringing additional power on strikes

At the very least, the Predator Edge retains the high level of ball grip introduced by the Freak and Mutator to make it a relevant boot still. The fit and comfort is quite the significant step back, and might even force a choice between grip performance and fit and feel when deciding whether to get the Edge or not.

Boot Rankings, Best For…

Predator Edge+ Review by Jay Mike of Unisport:

  • Zoneskin works! adidas once again managed to create the grippiest football boot; gives a heightened sense of ball grip that swerving becomes a bit more effortless
  • Grip elements causing a bulky feeling; not very nimble and barefoot-like
  • Roomy forefoot caused by the fins (good for wide feet)
  • True-to-size
  • Likes how the collar shape tucks and hold the foot in place without being restrictive; opening also makes getting on manageable
  • Heel lockdown is decent
  • Does not feel the effect of the Power Facet forefoot piece on the soleplate; tooling-wise, it is effective in stability, balance, and traction
  • Chunky and feels a bit clumsy
  • Upper package needs longer break-in time
  • Last lace hole sits a bit lower, resulting to a pressure point
  • Grippy elements may need some time adjusting to; may cause you to trip over a few times

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Predator Edge.1 Review

Going to the laced Predator Edge, you get two options: one with the Facefit collar and one with an angled low-cut finish. As expected from any adidas silo, it’s only the laces that make the difference, though the Predator adds a twist by adding a high-cut option for the .1. All in all, as pointed out by Josh of SR4U in the video, the current combination of the Zoneskin, Primeknit, and lacing setup is not that great of a remix.

The denser tongue is a good point, but the Primeknit upper just feels rock hard! It maintains its shape even when worn, and there’s just too much structural integrity to it that it may not soften that much even when broken-in. And given how much modern football boots have developed out-of-the-box comfort, this is plainly unacceptable from the Predator Edge. Creases do have a noticeably effect because of that stiffness. The stiffness of the upper also has an unfavourable effect on the laces, causing them to have pressure points on the top of the foot. 

Facetframe might be different in looks, but the actual sensation is the same as the previous generation’s Controlframe split-sole. The triangular stud configuration is a smidge more aggressive and a slight improvement. The Power Facet weighted piece has no observable effect unlike the classic Powerpulse technology.

On-feet, even with the laces tied tight, the upper simple sticks to its shape and does not closely wrap the foot. The midfoot is widened a bit to me more comfortable in that area, though it’s not enough to divert attention away from the forefoot issues. To be fair, the midfoot and the heel lockdown serve as the saving grace for this boot. In any case you still want the Predator Edge.1 or if the boot actually fits you well, length is still true-to-size. 

In conclusion, the Predator Edge is akin to the Hypervenom II misstep from Nike.

Edge vs Freak

Given the points mentioned above, it’s obvious that the Predator Freak is the generally better boot than the Edge. Here’s SR4U’s comparison video and a summary of its points:

  • Options and Pricing – Just on price alone, the Predator Freak is the better buy given their huge discounts today
  • Grip – Freak grip elements are small and spaced out,  not stiffening the Primeknit; not the same with the Edge as discussed; grip levels are the same; Zoneskin more durable than the Demonskin spikes, which might have issues with a piece or two falling off
  • Upper – Freak’s Primeknit may not be a standout in comfort, but it still moves and wraps around the foot decently; again the Edge’s Primeknit, perhaps due to the Zoneskin, is just plain stiff
  • Laceless Design – The elasticated Primeknit laceless tongue in the Freak does a better job in locking down the foot in place; with the Edge, that part that adjusts on the top of the foot has been lessened, causing the boot to feel sloppy with the stiff upper and roomy volume considered
  • Soleplate and Stud Pattern – Despite the change of the actual split-soleplates, the flexibility and density of the inner boards are almost the same; stud configuration in the Edge’s Facetframe has a slightly more bite because of the triangular studs; Power Facet is very gimmicky
  • Weight – Edge gained weight across the board, from the + down to the .1s, without any additional performance benefit
  • Comfort and Fit – Lockdown more efficient in Freak than the Edge, former just feels more premium given the latter’s upper and volume issues; true-to-size for both


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