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Nike Superfly 7 Deals

Nike make their Superfly 7 in four different levels, Elite as worn by Pro players, their Pro, Academy and Club models, with different soles suited to different pitches. We have deals and best prices below for you on the new Nike Superfly, and the best discount codes.

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The common theme of the Mercurial Superfly is to offer players a lightweight, responsive & overall fast feeling boot when laced-up and strapped-in. Nike's Mercurial Superfly has seen many innovative technologies incorporated within its construction.

In 2014, Nike added a Dynamic Fit Collar onto the Superfly IV which has become a mainstay for the silo and has seen many other brands take inspiration from the mid-cut silhouette. The launch of the Superfly 6 saw the height of the collar drop lower, as popularised by Cristiano Ronaldo in his own versions.

Originally launched in 2009, Nike added the highly popular Mercurial Superfly to compliment its Mercurial Vapor counterpart. Nike usually update the Superfly silo every two years to coincide with the FIFA World Cup and European Championships.

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History of the Mercurial Superfly

  • Mercurial Superfly VI (2018)
  • Mercurial Superfly V (2016)
  • Mercurial Superfly IV (2014)
  • Mercurial Superfly III (2011)
  • Mercurial Superfly II (2010)
  • Mercurial Superfly (2009)