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New Balance Present Multiple Bespoke Saka Boots

Bukayo Saka is now a full-fledged gem for New Balance. He plays well in international games, leads Arsenal’s resurgence in the Premier League and is the winner of the 2023 PFA Young Player of the Year award. As such, New Balance has presented not just one but two pairs of bespoke Saka Furon boots. One is exclusive for the player himself. The other is a signature open to his fans and consumers in general…

The exclusive one is dedicated to him for winning the PFA award. The pair is predominantly gold, whose finish falls falls on the matte side of the spectrum rather than the glossy, shiny shades of other recent signature boots. Black accents from the logos and lightning-like quarter striping provide the boots’ secondary colour detail. This release is merely celebratory and not meant for retail launch.

So if you want to buy a pair of Saka-signature Furon speed boots. New Balance has launched the ‘Seven’ Edition. As the name suggests, it represents Saka’s affinity with the no. 7, significantly enhanced with his on-pitch performances. Using a white base with red detailings, a bold and huge ‘7’ covers almost the entirety of the sole’s forefoot. So rapid blinks of the number ensues when you watch Saka (or any wearer of the Seven Furon) sprint with these boots on his feet.

The same red shade, which shows some hint of orange, colours the logo and the upper’s design. Microbrandings, shapes, callouts and anything close to Saka’s heart are arranged in a diamond formation, made more visible by the lines in-between. Aside from a variety of fonts for the number 7, the graphic overlay also includes phrases/words like ‘HOPE’, ‘FAITH’ and ‘LOVE ALWAYS WINS.’

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