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adidas Retail TAA’s Signature Predator ’24

Dean Ariola

To mark his high-profile switch to adidas, Trent Alexander-Arnold was one of the few to give the 2024 Predator a match debut. He did so with a pair that had distinct custom colours than the Predator 30, Predstrike and Solar Energy launches that followed. Months after though, adidas put that debut Predator in the books, now retailing it as an official TAA signature Predator. Jude Bellingham might be had put on more Predator ’24 colourways at this point, but a player like Alexander-Arnold equally deserves some headline time for the control boot, not to mention a signature pair for that matter.

It’s easy to imagine that the Pearlized Predator acting as the base of this signature release. After all, the boot is predominantly white. Now to make it specific to TAA and create a signature look, adidas significantly add red for the primary accent, mainly blanketing the fold-over tongue and the lateral adidas stripes. But even from afar, you can still see the tongue’s performance logo and Strikeskin spillover, as the two are left in white. Also in white is the strap of the fold-over tongue.

Predator TAA matches well with the player’s outfit as a Red. No, we are not referring to an adidas boot being paired with a Nike outfit. We are talking about the colour dynamic of the kit and the signature Predator. Whereas the strip is red with white accent, the colour roles are reversed in this boot release. We also think it would be a good pairing to have the TAA Predator with a gunner’s home shirt (which happen to be produced by adidas as well).

Predator TAA joins a growing list of special edition options for the 2024 generation. It follows the drop of Generation and Roteiro. Moreover, it’s another special Predator FT 2024 to be in white, coming off the heels of the Y-3 Predator. As an Alexander-Arnold bespoke boot, it only comes in the Elite FT version. Collectors are surely on the hunt for a pair of these boots, so be sure to act quickly and get those boots now via the adidas UK website.


Dean Ariola

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