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Academy Superfly 7 Nike Review

The Superfly academy is a cheaper option for the Mercurial Superfly compared to the Elite version worn by pros like Ronaldo, Sancho and Mbappe, but it still has lots to offer the amateur player who wants to wear a boot the looks the same as their idols.

7 Things About the Mercurial Superfly Academy You'll Want to Know:

  1. These are your budget option to experience the Mercurial line, priced at around £80 for standard colourways and £85 for signature ones
  2. Utilizes a synthetic upper instead of the knit found in higher models; feels more padded and thicker
  3. Still has a split stud plate construction but inner full-length plate is not anatomicallly shaped; flat-footed players would welcome the change
  4. Has more width than the elite models and can accomodate as much foot shapes as possible
  5. FG variation has shorter studs in general and incorporates a few crescent-like studs to make it playable in other surfaces as well
  6. Also available in SG-PRO Anti Clog for muddy pitches and AG-specific for artificial turf.
  7. Just like in any tier, the Mercurial Superfly lack something special to separate them from the Mercurial Vapor apart from the collar

Adult Superfly 7 Academy:

Children's Superfly 7 Academy:

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Expert Superfly Academy Reviews:

We've combined our own personal opinions of the Superfly, with those of some of the most trusted voices on Football Boots on YouTube, to save you time! You can find video reviews of the Superfly 7 Academy MG and their main view points below:

Unisport's review of the Superfly 7 Academy said:

  • Embossed mesh-like texturing may not be to provide the same grip as the Elite Flyknit's but have to appreciate Nike's attempt to replicate
  • Synthetic leather heel liner provides a pleasant and comfortable sensation
  • Upper is bit stiffer, more rigid relative to Jay Mike's preference
  • MG stud configuration is good most especially in terms of warranty when playing in harder surfaces
  • If you like the the split plate construction and aerotrak spine, the Academy still retains those, just not the performance element
  • Good value for money as long as you'll be able to live with the downgrades
  • Synthetic material is used for the upper instead of knit
  • Provides an overall decent fit

SoccerReviews4You Nike Mercurial Superfly Academy review:

  • Fits and feels slightly better than the Superfly 6 Academy; can recommend moving from the 6 to the 7 in purely Mercurial terms, not necessarily so in relation to the takedowns of other Nike football boot silos
  • Chunky upper still is soft and flexible and breaks in easily, though quality wise the Nikeskin upper of the Phantom VNM Academy and even the leather of the Tiempo Academy feels more premium
  • The added bulk on the upper reduces the barefoot sensation of ball contact that you can experience with the top models
  • Aerotrak spine is more for design and does not provide the progressive snapback of the Elite; soleplate in general just has a standard feel
  • Shortened studs and inclusion of some semi-circle studs works well in making the Academy multi-grounded
  • Has noticeably weight increase compared to the higher models
  • Not as tight-fitting as the Elite; still comfortable and recommends going true-to-size
  • Not a fan of the collar

Your Mercurial Superfly Academy Questions Answered

What are the changes applied from the Elite going to the Academy level?

The Academy replaces knit with a mesh-like textured synthetic upper with a noticeable increased padding. The toe box is lowered compared to the Superfly 6 Academy but has wider volume relative to the current top-tier models. The inner chassis is no longer anatomically shaped and the stud configuration is specifically labeled as multi-grounded.

How does the Superfly 7 Academy compare to the Academy takedowns of the other Nike football boot silos?

Execution is slightly improved from the Superfly 6 and better than the GT Academy. Still though the calfskin leather upper of the Tiempo Academy has the nicest quality feeling. If you exclusively play with Mercurials, moving on to the Superfly 7 Academy from the last generation would be a good move. Otherwise, from a quality standpoint, the recommended choice is the Tiempo Academy.

What's the difference between the MG of the Academy and the FG of the top-end Superfly boots?

The studs of the Superfly 7 FG are purely angular. The MG stud configuration replaces some of the chevrons with crescent-like studs and overall the studs are shorter, all done with the purpose of enabling the Academy to be played on harder surfaces.

What size of Superfly 7 Academy should I choose?

Go for your normal boots size as these fit true to size and volume is slightly increased to accomodate more width.

Does the Superfly Academy suit my wide feet?

The Academy is a bit more forgiving given the increase in volume. However, wide footed players can squeeze in usually with a half size upgrade. Consider this options if you feet are truly wide.

How much does the Superfly 7 Academy cost?

The Academy cost £80 for standard colourways and £85 for signature ones.

Can you Get a Superfly 7 Academy Jr? If so what sizes are available for kids?

Nike do make a kids Superfly Academy, the only difference being a heel tag for getting them on easier. Children's pairs run from UK 1 to 5.5.

Does the Academy have other soleplate versions for muddy pitches, 3G or Turf?

Yes, the Academy, aside from the FG/MG variation, also has the SG Pro Anti Clog, AG, and TF models.

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