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Why the Dimples on the 2013 Vapor 9 ?

Dean Ariola

Football boot enthusiasts worldwide are currently in ferment as we are eagerly waiting for the launch of the 2013 Vapor 9, Nike’s latest ‘speed’ boot.

Manchester United left-back Alexander Büttner has taken to Twitter to reveal this shiny new incarnation in a “goldfish” colourway, and we assume the official unveiling to be in mid-January.

The main highlight seems to be on the upper, which is like the surface of the moon, as the Big Swoosh seems to have been inspired by the dimples on golf balls, and we believe that this is all a question of aerodynamics to make you even more quick on the pitch.

In fact, dimpled golf balls fly farther than non-dimpled ones by reducing the so-called pressure drag as, in a symmetrical manner, they induce the same degree of turbulence in the layer of air next to the ball.

The turbulence causes the air to stick to the ball just a little longer and reduces the wake as in a boat and we presume that, combined with the signature A.C.C. technology, it will also provide for optimal ball control in whatever the weather condition and at whatever the level of speed.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the inclusion of the large Nike logo running along the heel to make this prospective version of the Vapor stand out even more.

There is currently a keen sense of intrigue around the dimples on the upcoming Vapor IX, and even P.S.G. forward Zlatan Ibrahimović is testing them out ahead of their domination of pitches worldwide later this month !


Dean Ariola

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