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Replacement Football Studs

Those little protrusions on your boot's soleplate are what keeps you grounded on the football pitch. Given the variety of football pitch surfaces, it's extremely important the your boots have the right studs to suit, otherwise, your might end up damaging your boots or worse, causing yourself an injury.

What are the different types of football studs?

Firm Ground (FG boots) are those that are worn for natural grass pitches, have moulded-built in studs that are usually bladed in shape. Artificial (AG boots) also have moulded, built in studs that are normally rounded, shorter, and outnumber those in the FG boots, to address the harder, denser nature of AG pitches. Soft ground boots (SG boots) on the other hand, are generally composed of screw-in metal studs, though plastic options are also available in the market. You take the screw in studs in and out of the boot, using a stud key specially designed for the job and made to match the thread of your stud.

adidas Studs

Nike Studs

Pro Football Stud Options

Specialist companies have developed their own custom studs to offer a performance advantange over the stock brand options when it comes to the studs on your boots. We have listed some of the main options below for you.

Football Stud FAQ

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