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Skechers Drop Trench Pack

Dean Ariola

The new kid in football boot town means business. Aspiring to be regularly releasing their own collections, Skechers Football drop the Trench Pack, their first-ever black pack and the first one after the launch of the SKX01 and the Razor. This pack goes to every baller out there who wants something black but new. It’s an understated way to introduce something fresh to players who are all-out when it comes to black boots.

What’s common with the Skechers Trench boots is the silver accent used for the outline of the brand’s lettermark. Another thematic tribute is the presence of iridescence on the outsole of the boots, warm on the base itself and cooler on the side edges and heel. Specific to the SKX though, the entire upper is adorned by waves of curving, flowing lines that have abstract spacing. It’s a nice touch to represent the control boot as something worn by players who can dictate the flow of the game.


Whereas the SKX Trench graphic is all about curves, the Razor takes on streaking rays emanating from the quarter. They have a greenish luster before transitioning to bluish-purple toward the heel. It does make sense to have this kind of visual aesthetic to the Razor considering it’s all about pace and acceleration.


Dean Ariola

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