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Skechers Drop Diamond Ice Pack

Ian Ebbs

After releasing their first blackout pack with Trench, Skechers has now given us white editions of Harry Kane and Oleksandr Zinchenko’s respective silos. No other colour can truly brighten up a boot than white, and in the midst of colourful pack releases, Diamond Ice presents the SKX and the Razor like a light for other boots to follow. Skechers also put an accent to the Diamond Ice boots to add a frosty edge to establish that winter connection.

I like the clean white boots and they are popular with players, I think Harry Kane himself is a big fan of the colourway and one of the reason why Skechers probably dropped this pack. The only issue with white boots is they do end up getting dirty quickly, grass will make your boots look either green or yellow without cleaning them all the time and if you were them in turf, they can get up going black around the edges. Whilst they are clean they looking amazing though!

Like with previous SKX releases, Diamond Ice include a high-cut and a low cut for their control boot. All of the boots though, including the Razor speed boot, express the Skechers outline, branding and stud tips in blue. The outlines on the SKX are in that regular shade, leaving the rest to a faded hue. The latter serves as the accent shade for the Razor.

Another thematic connection between the two Diamond Ice boots is the iridescent finish of the soleplates. It also contributes to the icy vibe of the pack, the finish will wear off over time, but they look fantastic in the light as you move the boots around, making them sparkle like Diamonds the inspiration for the boot pack names.


Ian Ebbs

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