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Black x Prism Boot Pack

Blake Grice

Nike continues its tradition of releasing an all-black football boot packs with the 2021 Black x Prism collection. It displays the current silos in a black base design filled with colourful Swoosh outlines.

For the Phantom GT, the Swoosh outline is light yellow around the arch before transitioning to blue towards the endpoint. Blue also colours the GT graphic and branding on the heel. The Hyperquick soleplate and studs are mainly black.

As for the Mercurials, in what is already the third colourway for 2021, the outline is light green and transitions to pink towards the rear. The colour accent is also visible on the Aerotrak outsole, with the spine itself in pink and the support stud in green.

The Tiempo Legend keeps it simple but elegant as it has the Swoosh in a blue to red fade. The Tiempo branding on the heel bears the same shade of red. The remaining colour accent on the boot is the internal structure of the Hyperstability studs.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.