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Air Zoom Ultra Football Boots

Ian Ebbs

Remember the Nike Air Zoom concept boots introduced in 2020? Like you, we wondered if it’s going to see the light of day, especially with the release of the Superfly 8/Vapor 14 and the rise of the adidas X Speedflows and Puma Ultras. Well, here we are! After two years, that Nike concept boot turned into reality with the Special Edition Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra available in 1000 pairs only.

If the ‘Ultra’ part rings a bell, that is because we’ve already heard it before from the Superfly 6/Vapor 14’s precursor-the Flyknit Ultra. Following the same trend, we expect the Air Zoom Ultras to tease and preview the fit and feel the next-gen Superfly 9/Vapor 15. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare against rival speed boot silos.

The highlight of the Mercurial Air Zoom is the outsole, specifically the incorporation of a full-length Zoom airbag that is supposed to provide a unique underfoot sensation grounded on increasing energy return more than cushioning. Moreover, it removes the internal chassis commonly found in football boots, opting for a cavity instead on its light and snappy Syngergia soleplate to create a 1-to-1 lock with the Zoom unit.

A thin and translucent meshed textile material forms the primary upper component, supported by an internal liner with significant cutouts to provide structural reinforcement only in strategic areas. Nike has also tapped an old friend to help in the lockdown department. So say hello again to Nike Flywires connected to the central lacing system. Lastly, the Air Zoom Ultra has a standard tongue construction with some minimal foam padding (a refreshing sight since the Mercs have been going with the one-piece upper construction for a few years now).


Ian Ebbs

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