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Orginally launched in 1994, German manufacturers adidas have tended to produced a new model at least every two years since to coincide with the FIFA World Cup and European Championships. Predators were designed to offer increased power, accuracy and swerve when the ball is hit with the sweetspot.

Designed by former professional Australian Craig Johnston, the boots were a giant leap forward with scientifically aided designs and features such as sweet spots, rubber blades on the sole rather than studs, air pockets in the soles and weighting at the front of the boot for more power featuring over the years.

In 2015 adidas killed off the Predator name for the Ace, a similar boot in design, this would evolve in to the Purecontrol adidas first laceless boot, by 2017 after several limited edition Predators recreating boots of old, the Predator returned with the laceless 18+ and laced 18.1 boots.

Players Who Wear The adidas Predator Mutator:

History of the Predator

The Predator Accelerator was the fourth generation Predator and it was first released for the 1998 FIFA World Cup held in France. The most notable feature was the off-centred lacing system creating a larger ball striking surface. The Predator Accelerator has been regarded as one of adidas' best boots of all time as it was worn by household names including Italy's Alessandro Del Piero and France's Zinedine Zidane.

The Accelerator boasted a re-engineered Traxion outsole further enhancing traction and speed, asymmetrical lacing for a larger ball striking surface, fore-footed rubber vamps which are sewn into the leather for ultimate control. The raised rubber fins seen on previous generations is reduced to more of a grid like vamp aimed at enhancing control. The Accelerator was purely aimed at providing ultimate traction, control and power, a great midfielders boot.

The Accelerator featured four colourways including the popular Black/Red/White and White/Black editions and it was the first Predator range to feature a cheaper cost effective alternative boot named the adidas Accelerator released in a Black/Blue colourway and a limited edition boot named the Electricity Yellow edition where only 999 boots were produced, these were also remade in 2018.

The third generation Predator, the Predator Touch was first released in 1996 and it was aimed at providing an enhanced touch while still providing optimised control, swerve and power. The most notable updates to the Touch include the smaller fold over tongue allowing for an increased ball striking surface on the upper. The boot was popular during the 1996 UEFA Euro tournament in England as it was worn by England's David Beckham and France's Zinedine Zidane.

The Predator Touch boasted completely new studs featuring rectangular blades rather than circular studs named Traxion (TRX) and it was the first Predator to feature two different soleplate options. Kangaroo leather was implemented into the Touch for better touch and comfort and the rubber fins were reduced to a more smaller, smoother appearance which also moulded well with the central lacing system optimising power, control and swerve. The rubber fins were fragmented into sections on the forefoot for reduced weight.

The second generation Predator, the Predator Rapier was first released a year later from the original and it featured an all new fold over tongue which remained through the generations up until 2009. The most notable update was the less bulky rubber fins offering a smoother look, while still providing increased friction when in contact with the ball.

The Predator Rapier featured added kangaroo leather on the upper for added comfort and feel, a fold over tongue which wrapped over the laces adding increased area to the ball striking surface. The first Predator boot to feature more than one colourway, the Rapier further cemented the boot into the swerve, power and control category making it one of the most popular boots in 1995.

The first ever adidas Predator aimed at providing enhanced power, swerve and control where Australian footballer Craig Johnston first translated his ideas on creating pure ball striking teeth or rubber fins which increased friction between your foot and the ball. Released for players during the 1994 FIFA World Cup in USA, the German brand looked to compete with the American brand Nike's Tiempo which was also first released for the same tournament.

The original Predator boasted several unique innovations and technologies at the time which was never seen before including raised rubber fins on the forefoot which truly enhanced power, control and swerve. Other features included a full grain leather upper combined with rubber on the forefoot and heel which offered comfort like no other, a traction enhancing 'mouldie' stud configuration, central lacing system for a defined and classy look and the signature white adidas bands across the upper. The first ever Predator only came in one colourway the Black/Red/White edition, which would go on to be iconic for the Predator and adidas.