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Are Predator 19 Right For You?

Most websites just show you the new shiny boots & get you to spend your hard earned cash on the latest boots being shown off by players, but are the Predator 19 really right for you and is now the right time to get them?

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Available in these packs

Camoflague Encryption Boots

Legacy Green & Sand with Solar Yellow Predator 19

PP Season 6 Predator

Black/Black/Pink PP Predator 19+

Hard Wired Pack

Bright Cyan, Core Black, Solar Yellow Predator 19

Dark Script Black Boots

Black, Black, Black Predator 19

Inner Game Pack

Blue Gold Predator 19+

302 Redirect Boots

Silver Predators

Pogba Predator 5

White, Red, Black Pogbas

White adidas Virtuso

Cloud White, Bold Blue

Gold Predator Pack

Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Collegiate Navy

adidas Exhibit Pack

Bold Blue, Silver Metallic, Active Red

Blackout Archetic Pack

Black Predator 19 with red details

adidas Initiator Boots

A new generation of Predator uses a two-tone red silhouette.

Pogba Predator 4

Olive Cargo, Core Black, Base Green

adidas Spectral Mode

Peachy pink all-over with lighter pink decorating the three-stripes and knit collar.

adidas Team Mode Pack

Red/Black classic Predator Colours

Shadow Mode adidas

Triple Black Predator 18

Telstar Predator 18 Boots

Core Black, Metallic Copper, Solid Grey

Energy Mode World Cup Boots

Yellow, black and red takes inspiration from previous Predator incarnations in the past.

Deadly Strike Pack

Unity Ink/ Aero Green or shall we say blue with white stripes and green in the sock's knit.

Nitecrawler adidas Boots

Triple black Predator 18, black sock details match with the boots upper and sole

Skystalker adidas

Launch colourway for the Predator, the highlight of the pack in black, white, gold and hint of red in the tongue

Lone Hunter adidas

Trace Olive/Core Black/Bright Orange

Cold Blooded adidas

Classic Predator colours, see a white base, with red collar and black details; White/Core Black/Real Coral

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Predator 18+ Complete Review

Find out if the 18+ Predator suits you, in our full review well tell you everything you need to know about the boots, to help you work out if they are your next pair to step out onto the pitch in.

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predator Boots

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Orginally launched in 1994, German manufacturers adidas have tended to produced a new model at least every two years since to coincide with the FIFA World Cup and European Championships. Predators were designed to offer increased power, accuracy and swerve when the ball is hit with the sweetspot.

Designed by former professional Australian Craig Johnston, the boots were a giant leap forward with scientifically aided designs and features such as sweet spots, rubber blades on the sole rather than studs, air pockets in the soles and weighting at the front of the boot for more power featuring over the years.

In 2015 adidas killed off the Predator name for the Ace, a similar boot in design, this would evolve in to the Purecontrol adidas first laceless boot, by 2017 after several limited edition Predators recreating boots of old, the Predator returned with the laceless 18+ and laced 18.1 boots.

History of the Predator

  • Predator 18+ (2017)
  • Predator Instinct (2014)
  • Predator LZ (2012)
  • Predator adiPOWER (2011)
  • Predator X (2010)
  • Predator Powerswerve (2008)
  • Predator Absolute (2006)
  • Predator Pulse (2004)
  • Predator Mania (2002)
  • Predator Precision (2000)
  • Predator Accelerator (1998)
  • Predator Touch (1996)
  • Predator Rapier (1995)
  • Original Predator (1994)