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Inflight Boots Pack

Ian Ebbs

The Predator 20, Copa 20, and Nemeziz 19 get updated colourways with the release of the adidas Inflight pack, they are joined by a new generation X Ghosted the X 20 evolution of the adidas speed boot.

The Predator 20 in the Inflight pack has a white sock collar and white-based upper, that is covered by a black dipped-paint graphic across the toe box and sides. The demonskin rubber elements and the front plate of the Controlframe are black. The adidas stripes and the rear plate are in gold. Lastly, the studs follow the colour of their soleplate, though the tips feature a transparent structure, to create a visually stunning pair of boots, as seen pitch worn by Paul Pogba.

The Copa 20 has a simple and classy look as the Fusionkin in Inflight has an elegant royal blue finish, coupled with silver adidas stripes and a chrome Exoframe. The studs have transparent tips, with some showing an internal blue structure and the others a grey one.

The Inflight Nemeziz 19 brings back memories of the 302 Redirect version. In what could be the last Nemeziz before a new generaton, the collar is dark red while the succeeding layers of the taped upper are of gradient intensities of red and orange. The Torsion plate system has the same light orange shade as that of the forward-most bandage layer, filled with studs a translucent red end.

Lastly, the X not only has a new colour design but a totally new generation. The X Ghosted has a predominantly white upper, making clear of the black adidas stripes and the gold meshed graphic on the lateral. The soleplate is white with the studs having transparent tips. Furthermore, the Speedframe has a black carbon fibre insert, a new feature that is introduced in the X Ghosted. The new X also features an all-new Mirageskin upper, a lightweight, translucent material with a thin package designed to mould around the foot easily. Mirageskin allows for a crisp and direct ball feel while also providing a snug fit. Wireframe supports the new upper material for the boot’s structural stability. The graphic takes its inspiration from a peregrine falcon on attack mode.


Ian Ebbs

Founder of back in 2010, Ian went on to create and host their YouTube channel which now has 1.5million subscribers and over 300 million views, he also hosts their podcast which you can find on Spotify. Taking his over fifteen year experience in the football industry, Ian wrote the book: How To Choose Your Boots (find it on Amazon) where he looks to help footballers of all levels find their perfect pair.