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Inflight Boots Pack

The Predator 20, Copa 20, and Nemeziz 19 get updated colourways with the release of the adidas Inflight pack, they are joined by a new generation X Ghosted the X 20 evolution of the adidas speed boot.

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adidas Boots in Inflight Pack Pack:

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The Predator 20 in the Inflight pack has a white sock collar and white-based upper, that is covered by a black dipped-paint graphic across the toe box and sides. The demonskin rubber elements and the front plate of the Controlframe are black. The adidas stripes and the rear plate are in gold. Lastly, the studs follow the colour of their soleplate, though the tips feature a transparent structure, to create a visually stunning pair of boots, as seen pitch worn by Paul Pogba.

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Inflight Pack Boots

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