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Design Your Own Superfly!

Dean Ariola

Through NIKEID and their Mercurial By You, you can customise and create your very own Mercurial Superfly using an array of colours, branding, iD and traction options. For the Superfly there are four different versions available to customise: three Elite versions (one kids) and one Academy version which is cheaper as well as having the option of changing soleplates to either: FG, AG or SG.

Design Your Superfly

Make Your Own Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly With Nike’s By You Design Service. With Lots Of Colours And Designs To Add Your Own Personal Touch To You Boots.
Make Your Superfly

You have to follow some preset options for the Superfly Elite NIKEID, but they allow you to decorate the Superfly with a variety of colour options; blue, red, black and white being available.

Design Your Superfly NIke

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There is more variety when it comes to the Swoosh colour, Swoosh border and traction colour but overall you can create a more unique Superfly Elite using the preset. There is also a kid’s option which is virtually the same as the Adults preset as the you have the same options with colour and iD for a child’s custom superfly.

Can you Get NikeID Academy Superfly?

Yes! There is a Superfly preset for the Academy version which is much cheaper than the Elite versions, using different materials and lacking the flyknit and NikeSkin upper, the colour options though, like the Kids preset are the exact same.

Nigeria Inspired NikedID Superfly

One pair of previously available Nike football boots, were the highly sought after Nigeria inspired NIKEID Superfly Elite is arguably the most popular preset on the NIKEID platform and you can choose two primary colours of green or black both of which look stunning however you may have to pay an additional £25 to apply the designs to the Superfly.

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