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Nike Phantom GT Boots

The 2022 Phantom GT 2 comes with and without a DF sock collar as you prefer. Both of these GT2 are available in Nike's four tiers of quality; Elite (worn by professionals), Pro, Academy and Club. The Academy include a FlyEase option that use velcro instead of laces. Let us help you choose the right ones for you...

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Phantom GT 2 Boots 2022

New Lucent
Black Shadow
Barely Green Bonded
White 2022 Nike
Black Shadow
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Available in Four Levels

  • Elite (best quality, highest price)
  • Pro (nearly as good, cheaper)
  • Academy (often best for kids)
  • Club (entry level)
  • ⬇️ There are also Children's specific (Jr. sizes)

Designed for Six Pitch Types

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Phantom GT 2 Boot Versions

Elite DF ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Elite Phantom GT is a boot that has Nike's remarkable Flyknit material for its upper, and also boasts pill-like 'Generative Texture' grip elements. Its following from the pros comprise of players from all positions-attack, midfield, defence.

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Elite Low ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

They come in both DF and Low versions, the difference is one has the dynamic fit (DF) sock collar, as seen on the Superfly, whilst the Low is without (as seen here), the rest of the boot is the exact same and the choice is yours if you want the collar or not.

PRO ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Pro version of the Phantom GT has a more pliable Flyknit and slightly less prominent Generative Texture. For a silo that does not prioritise responsiveness, the softer Pro somehow further illustrates this point. Still a nice purchase for a football boot considering the benefits of knit for half the price of the high-end professional level.

FlyEase ⭐⭐⭐

FlyEase is Nike's boot with a fold-down heel and a velcro wrap-around strap that makes it easy to put on with just one hand, this is great for kids or those who struggle with laces.

Academy ⭐⭐⭐

The Academy uses a cheap and thicker synthetic upper with dimples that mimick the Generative Texture. Being an Academy Nike boot,the default soleplate is officially labeled as multiground, providing value for money in terms of being playable in both firm and synthetic grass.

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Club ⭐

The Club Phantom GT may be best for non-competitive and casual football play as it is all about meeting the just the bare minimum of what a football boot is-a studded footwear. This is reflected in the cheap and bulky build as well as the almost non-existence of key Phantom GT techs.

Children's Phantom GT

The Phantom GT in Kids's Jr. sizes usually involves just the Academy Phantoms, with the Club released for limited colour options. The good thing is they are also multi-grounded and helps you save money regarding playing on both firm and artificial grounds with the same pair.

Design Your Own Boots

Take advantage of the templated webbing graphic and use the Phantom GT By You service to apply your own colour blocked designs and custom colourway. Add text and choose a particular soleplate for a truly unique Phantom GT.

Types For Different Pitches

Grass – FG (Firm Ground)

The FG Hyperquick soleplate of the Phantom GT has a unique open-arch structure in addition to the cut-outs on the forefoot and rear. This allows for a more natural feeling when twisting the foot and doing agility-based movements. The split conicals give the stud configuration some leg room for rotational work.

Muddy – SG (Soft Ground & Anti Clog)

The SG-Anti Clog soleplate of the Phantom GT remains open-arched but does cover the cutouts to extend the coverage of the hydrophobic coating. The metal studs are replaceable unlike the Mercurials.

Artificial – AG-Pro

The conical-heavy AG-Pro Phantom GT has an outsole material that endures in Artificial grass. Hallow and shortened, the stud configuration helps you get closer to the ground and alleviate the shocks coming from the synthetic pitch.

Mixed – MG (Grass & Artificial)

No need to make a choice between an FG or AG Phantom GT with the Academy ones.. Mixing chevrons and conicals in one stud configuration, plus just the right amount of height, allows the Academy Phantoms to be playable in any pitch except the soft ground.

Turf – TF

Extremely shallow and minimally cushioned, first-gen artificial pitches require a very small amount of height from the studs as well as increased number to deal with the density and general hardness of the surface. All stud requirements are met by the Turf Phantom GT, which also has a React Foam cushion on the rear of the sole to make it comfortable playing in the said surface.

Indoor & Court – IC

Your Phantom GT boot for the fast and tight ball control action in 5-a-side and futsal. Flat non-marking outsole for indoor court stability and Generative Texture for extra ball grip.

2020 Original Phantom GT

2022 Superfly 8 Boots

Black & Pink Phantom
Phantom GT Scorpion
Black x Prism
3D Phantom GT

In 2020 Nike released their Phantom GT they were their most data driven pair of football boots they had ever created.

Nike replaced their Phantom Vision and Phantom Venom boots, with one combined option aimed at providing boots for both control and accuracy as those two boots did.

The Phantom include the Hyperquick System for the soleplate, designed to keep footballers on their feet at high speeds. Supporting quick cuts, the plate is rigid in the right areas and has agility studs, with a unique pattern, created to make space from defenders.

The Phantom has embodied Nike's drive towards power and control. With a revamp that sees the VNM and VSN giving way to GT.

The GT is more than just a merger of two boots, more importantly, it is an intersection of two lineages of iconic Nike silos-the power-driven Nike boots like the Total 90 and Hypervenom where the VNM hailed from, and the control-focused Nike soccer cleats like the CTR360 and Magista that inspired the VSN.

Aside from bringing power and control into one boot, the GT also enables the Phantom GT to bring a dynamic variety of players, from powerful strikers like Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski to agile wingers and midfielders Kevin de Bruyne and Jack Grealish into one exciting roster.

The backdrop of past famous Nike models has significantly informed the build of the GT as reflected by its off-centre lacing and rubber striking elements. It reinforces the notion that the Phantom joins its Mercurial and Tiempo Nike peers as one of the industry's memorable silos. As branded by Nike, the Phantom GT is your tool to express your creative instinct to fill the football pitch canvass with your artistic passes, dribbles, and goals.

This indepth report was written by Ian Ebbs, founder of in 2010. He supports Blackburn Rovers, is President of a 1,000 member football club, a central midfielder he plays twice a week and coaches Junior teams.

Players Who Wear The Phantom GT: