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Are The Phantom GT Your Next Boot?

Nike have replaced their Phantom Vision and Phantom Venom boots, with one combined option aimed at providing boots for both control and accuracy as those two boots did. Are the Phantom GT any good and will they work for your game?

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The Phantom has embodied Nike's drive towards power and control. With a revamp that sees the VNM and VSN giving way to GT.

The GT is more than just a merger of two boots, more importantly, it is an intersection of two lineages of iconic Nike silos-the power-driven Nike boots like the Total 90 and Hypervenom where the VNM hailed from, and the control-focused Nike soccer cleats like the CTR360 and Magista that inspired the VSN.

Aside from bringing power and control into one boot, the GT also enables the Phantom GT to bring a dynamic variety of players, from powerful strikers like Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski to agile wingers and midfielders Kevin de Bruyne and Jack Grealish into one exciting roster.

The backdrop of past famous Nike models has significantly informed the build of the GT as reflected by its off-centre lacing and rubber striking elements. It reinforces the notion that the Phantom joins its Mercurial and Tiempo Nike peers as one of the industry's memorable silos. As branded by Nike, the Phantom GT is your tool to express your creative instinct to fill the football pitch canvass with your artistic passes, dribbles, and goals.