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Nike Elastico Finale III Boot Test & Review

Blake Grice

This week boot tester SoheilFootball tested and reviewed the Elastico Finale III boot by Nike.

Now in it’s third generation the Elastico Finale III is Nike’s speed indoor boot designed to create a barefoot feel on hard surfaces. The alternative option to the Finale III is the new Elastico Superfly designed for the same purpose.

Watch SoheilFootball’s test above ⬆⬆⬆ and read his review of the boots below ⬇⬇⬇

FIRST IMPRESSIONS/COMFORT: The Finale 3 is really comfortable, at least for me. I felt that the tongue-less design offered a fit quite like the Vapor 10. When the shoes are on your feet, they feel really comfortable and ready to perform. The Nike skin upper is a material that I’ve liked for a few months now and I still enjoy it to this day. The main thing I liked about the upper is that it is so lightweight while still being able to provide you with really good grip on the upper. The Finale 3 feels very good after 90 minutes. It feels as though they are made for your feet. However, for some players, the fit may be too tight to handle for 90 minutes. I would not recommend these shoes to anyone with wide feet. I have regular feet, and the fit of these shoes were quite narrow. Therefore, if you have wide feet, I would suggest staying away from this model.


BREAK-IN: You could say that the Finale 3 has already broken in before wearing them for the first time. They are so flexible that you can roll them into a ball. The flexibility also really helps in a game when trying to accelerate to top speed.

DESIGN & COLOURWAY: The boots look really nice in their launch colourway. The mix of black and yellow really stands out on the gym court when you’re playing with them. The tongue less look makes it look as though the boot is part of your foot. I definitely prefer modern looking boots. Why? I absolutely love the colours. I am a huge fan of bright colors. One of my favourite looking boots of the year is the superflys. I love their different colour ways including the hyper punch green ones, as well as the new laser orange ones.


WEIGHT: The Finale 3 is incredibly lightweight. Considering that futsal shoes are usually heavy, Nike did a fantastic job making the Finale 3 lightweight which was really predicted in the Finale series. Personally, I prefer lighter boots because I am a quick player. I am a winger therefore I am always looking to make quick runs on the wings and lighter boots help me gain the advantage on my opponents. I also dislike wearing heavier boots because I find I cannot perform skill moves as fast.

PROTECTION: Although they are Nike skin, the elastic Finale 3 provides good protection. Also, playing in a game where other players do not have studs, protection is not such a big problem for these shoe.


DURABILITY: As I have just purchased them, I cannot really judge this part. However, after a couple of sessions, some of the paint has come off on the upper.

TOUCH & CONTROL: The touch on the ball is fantastic on all surfaces that you would typically use to control a ball in a Futsal game. The low profile sole gives you a really sensitive connection with the ball on the sole of your foot, something that is vital in the indoor version of the game. Nike has done a really good job of stripping everything down so that there is nothing getting in your way from controlling the ball perfectly every time you touch it. First touch is exactly the same, the grip on the upper allows you to make predictable first touches in a game.

TRACTION: Compared to the Finale 2, the 3 has a new sole pattern which I really prefer over any other shoe. The pattern allows you to make quick turns and sharp cuts in a game of futsal. This is really vital due to the small playing area of indoor football.


SHOOTING: In an indoor game such as futsal, you do not really get the opportunity to take a knuckleball, especially considering the extra weight on the ball. For set pieces and shooting in general, I really enjoyed how these shoes felt when striking the ball. The grip on the upper allows you to place the ball exactly where you want it too. This is important in indoor games when the nets are much smaller.

PASSING: The elastic Finale 3 can deliver an accurate pass. These are the best futsal shoes I’ve worn for passing. Having already played a league game in these shoes, I don’t remember messing up one pass in my game. The Nike skin upper provides quality accuracy.

TACKLING: The boots feel great in a tackle. Due to the tight fit around your foot, you can really make the tackle that you have in mind without fouling the defender.


VERDICT: They are definitely worth their price. Considering that they are cheaper than the Finale 2, is unbelievable. The performance that these shoes bring really makes up for the amount you’re paying for them. The first thing you notice when putting on a pair of the Elastico’s is the glove-like fit that the ankle collar and tongue material provides. This is great for sharp turns and changes of direction on the court because your foot is really locked down on top of the sole which means you don’t experience any sliding around inside the shoe. I would recommend these shoes to any futsal player. They are great for any position, whether you are a defender or forward. These shoes make you so much quicker on the gym surface. I would give these boots a 9 out of a 10.

About SoheilFootball:
When I look for boots, I look for boots that suit my playing style. This includes a boot that provides fast acceleration and is lightweight. I’m a big fan of the Mercurial Vapor from Nike, and I also would love to give the super fly’s a try. My playing position is a winger. I love cutting in or sprinting by players and finishing with a goal. I was born in Austria, now I’m living in Canada. My boot size is US 10. I wear the number #7. My favourite boots of all time must be the either the predator instincts, or the vapor 8. But I believe once I try the Vapor 10 or the super fly 4, they will be my favourite. I am also a fan of the hyper venom. My favourite national team is Germany. I am a huge fan of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid because Ronaldo plays there. My favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I love his playing style, and his determination to score goals.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.

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