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Mason Mount’s Boots

Dean Ariola

Mason Mount wears the Nike Phantom GX known for its sticky Gripknit upper that provides optimal ball grip and a Promac heel counter for a flexible and comfortable heel fit. The Portsmouth-born cites Frank Lampard, Luka Modric, and Andres Iniesta as his favourite players, which is easy to see with his performances as a midfielder.

Mason Mount’s Boots

Peak Ready GX

Joining other Nike players participating in the 2023/24 UCL group stages, Mount switched to the Peak Ready boots. It was like a spinoff of the Ready Pack, with Nike asking their players to kick it up a notch for the European competition. The thematic Hyper Turquoise was seen on the quarter of this GX, leaving the Gripknit in an off-white shade.

Red Black GX

Ready GX

Now a full Red Devil, Mount wearing the Phantom GX from the Ready Pack jived well with his home kit. It had the Gripknit layer in red and the supporting quarter in black.

Orange GX

United GX

Mount joined Manchester United before the start of the 2023/24 season. Perhaps as a show of support for the Women’s World Cup (not to mention the name of the pack sounding like his new club), he played the preseason with the United GX. It was the predominantly orange GX that had the bespoke ‘United’ U graphic on the quarter.

Lime Yellow GX

Luminous GX

Mount seemed to be going in and out of the Chelsea starting XI around the latter part of 2022/23, but the times he got to enter the pitch he was able to showcase he was still a Nike Phantom GX wearer and got to showcase wearing the season-ending yellow Luminous Phantom GX. The boot did have some luminous effect especially with the contrast it had with the deep blue Chelsea home kit.

Sky Blue White GX

Blast GX

By the time football returned to its respective domestic leagues, Mount and the rest of the Nike Phantom players switched to the GX of the Blast Pack, the on-pitch release at the start of 2023. The Blast GX had the Gripknit in a friendly sky blue ‘baltic’ shade against a white quarter. It allowed for the stitching pattern to tonally stand out while it acted as a complementary base for the pink Swoosh outline. Behind the bright disposition of the boot, however, was a hardworking boot that moulded well around the foot shape and provided effective grip for excellent ball control.

Pink Black GX

Phantom GX Qatar World Cup

Mount started the tournament in Qatar wearing the black/copper Generation Phantom GT before moving on to the debut of its successor, the Phantom GX. Sporting a bright Hyper Pink colourway with a complementing black secondary theme, this launch GX was aptly called ‘Disruption.’ It fitted the release occasion because of the unusual timing and the boot’s contrast to the serious tone of the outgoing Phantom GT in the World Cup Nike collection. Press resistant while being a high presser himself, Mount benefitted greatly from a boot such as the GX that had a nice level of responsiveness. His technical abilities and positional versatility meant he either dictated plays or scored the goals himself, which needed a boot that can help him with ball touch and control. The Phantom GX’s Gripknit did just that.

Did He ever Wear Other Brand or Silo?

Mount has always been under Team Phantom regarding Nike football boots. Together with Tammy Abraham, he headlined the Wavelength Pack with him wearing the Phantom VSN 2 in its iridescent black colourway with blue accents. He also joined the likes of Jadon Sancho in 2019’s Nuovo White Pack, dedicated to up-and-coming superstars, as a VSN 1 player.

Given his prominence on any team and manager, some accused Mount as the ‘teacher’s pet.’ However, Mount proved the tagging false and showed that his excellent showing backs his rise to the first team for club and country. Mount’s work rate as a midfielder is exceptional, not only capable of linking up play but also offering an attacking threat of his own.

His trophy cabinet already includes the UCL title, several ‘Player of the Year’ awards, and the 2019 Euro-U19 Championship.


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