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Mizuno Drop Alpha Release

Dean Ariola

*Update 08/22/2023

Better late than never. A few months removed from the Alpha Release drop, Mizuno completes the pack with the Morelia Neo Beta and Morelia II. One follows more or less the same theme set by the first boot of the collection, while the other utilise the set colour dynamic on its detailings and accents.

The gloss of that pinkish red base colour on the Alpha’s synthetic upper is also seen on the premium forefoot K-leather of the Beta, now on its Mark IV.  The shade noticeably lightens up and becomes pastel like along the outsole and the Beta knit. Going in yellow are the ribbed Runbird logo and the internal structure of the soleplate.

On the other hand, the pure leather Morelia II goes for another predominantly white colourway. You’ll know though that it is part of the Release pack because of the thematic red application of the Runbird logo as well as the yellow trim courtesy of that Achilles heel panel.

As the crumbs of soil scatters and explode in every step, Mizuno expects you to feel the rush of energy and excitement for the new season with boots that will make you see the beauty and colour of the most popular sport in the world.


We’ve seen it in bluish green in Azure Blue. We’ve seen it in black in Ramos Vol. 2 Collection. It debuted in white with Shining. The Alpha is now in fiery red with the drop of the Mizuno ‘Release’ Pack.

Set yourself free, bring experimental style to the pitch and stand out from the crowd!

-Mizuno, 2023

Mizuno boots are no stranger to red, as in the case of the Ignition Red and the Passion Red packs. The Alpha ‘Release’ makes sure of it by finally going for the colourway that screams and burns with desire. In fact, the particular shade of this release has some semblance to that of the Ignition Red Mizunos, albeit with a tinge of pink at closer inspection.

Regarding the Runbird logo, it’s mainly a white outline that shows off an iridescent motion blur effect, courtesy of the offset greenish blue and yellow highlights. The same colours appear at the outsole accenting from the soleplate’s support structures.

With the Alpha ‘Release,’ Mizuno hopes to give you a boot that will inspire you to not hold yourself back, try out other play styles and simply be different with other footballers on the pitch…


Dean Ariola

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