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Mizuno Alpha Prism Gold Released

Dean Ariola

You think of white, you think of light. And then you remember the expression the ‘speed of light.’ This is the latest inspiration for the latest Alpha boots in the market. With the tagline of ‘faster than light,’ the Mizuno Alpha Prism Gold is positioning the synthetic speed boot as redefining speed in the game. Granted that no speed boot can really make you go beyond light speed (or even just a millimetre quicker), but at least if you and your boots look fast like Prism Gold here, then you might indeed feel and play a step faster than ever in your career.

So this particular Mizuno Alpha starts as white on the forefoot and transitions to this abstract visual that covers the quarter and the heel. The said graphic seems like a first-person visualisation of light going through a prism. And this is where gold begins to come into play, as it applies a monochrome shade to the design on the rear half of the boot. Both the black-outlined streaking Runbird and the solid-filled Nylon x TPU Resin outsole contribute to the golden accent of the colourway.

It’s hard not to notice the interplay of white and gold as symbolising speed and glory. But banking on your acceleration and quickness to lead your team to a win, you are going to need a speed boot that is lightweight, form-fitting and secure on the feet. That’s all the Mizuno Alpha is, and Prism Gold simply adds that artful manifestation to attract you to buy a pair for yourself.


Dean Ariola

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