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Mizuno Launch Dyna Pack

Dean Ariola

Everybody knows Mizuno’s Morelia line of boots packs the finest of leather quality in a pair of football footwear. Whether you go for the classic, all-leather Morelia II, the in-between Morelia Neo IV or the modern, w/ synthetic mesh Morelia Neo IV Beta, you can be assured of that buttery soft premium K-leather resting and shaping around your feet. The Japanese maker has now dressed their Morelia boots with an attention-grabbing look to complement their dynamic build and fit. Introducing, the Mizuno Dyna Pack!

The Dyna Morelia boots clothe themselves with a predominantly yellow base, whose fluorescence provides a an explosive presence against the dark, cold culmination of winter. The Formstrip, which is red in this case, appears solid on the classic Morelia and streaking on the Neo ones, as always. Like the Dyna boots, Mizuno is encouraging everyone wearing any of the Morelia lines to be dynamic in their play, leave no regrets and ultimately claim victory on the pitch.

Good job if you noticed it! Yes, the Dyna Mizuno boots is like a reverse of the Morelia Neo in the Release Pack. But there is always that striking element when you have boots in yellow, especially when that yellow has some neonish flair to it.


Dean Ariola

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