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Are Nemeziz 18 Right For You?

Most websites just show you the new shiny boots & get you to spend your hard earned cash on the latest boots being shown off by players, but are the Nemeziz 18 really right for you and is now the right time to get them?

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Nemeziz 18+ Reviews

360 Agility Nemeziz 17+ Reviewed

The laceless version of the Nemeziz, will it work for you?

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We hit the court in the Ocean Storm Nemeziz indoor, how will the go for 5-a-side and futsal play?

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Did you know that Messi whilst the head player of the Nemeziz range, doesn't infact wear the top of the line lacess pair? So they aren't right for him, are they for you or would another Nemeziz 18 suit you better, we'll help you find the right fit for your game, it's time to unlock agility!

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Launched in mid 2017, the adidas Nemeziz 17 acted as successor to the previous Messi 15 & 16 silos which didn't prove a success due to the boot's apparent lack of quality materials. Since being released, the Nemeziz 17 has been an instant hit with professional players, amateurs & boot collectors and updated Nemeziz 18 arrived in time for the 2018 World Cup.

Represented by Lionel Messi, the Nemeziz 18 has been designed for fast paced performance and this is made apparent through the silo's agility themed technologies from heel to toe and upon the sole plate.

Whilst the Nemeziz 18+ is the elitist model within the Nemeziz silo, Messi himself prefers the 18.1 model most likely due to the ability to customise fit through having laces. The Nemeziz 18.1 is almost exactly the same as the laceless 18+ model however allows for more customisation in terms of fit due to the inclusion of laces, perhaps a main reason Messi himself prefers the Nemeziz 18.1. Providing attack-minded players with the same technology as the 18+ 360 Agility, the Nemeziz 18.1 comes equipped with Torsion Tape, an Agilityknit 2.0 upper, a Dual Lock Collar, and a TorsionFrame sole plate.