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adidas Nemeziz Boots – Which Nemeziz Is For You?!

Matt Carruthers

What’s up guys, Matt and Blake from The FootballBoots team, and today is all about the brand new solo from Adidas called the Nemeziz. Now in total, there’s seven different models available, so what I’m gonna be doing today is talking through each one to help you guys find out which is the best one for you guys to go and buy and wear in your own football. So alongside the tech specs that we’re gonna be speaking about today, a really important factor that we’re gonna be looking at is the price which is incredibly important to you guys who are actually buying the boots. Now so far with the Nemeziz, a lot of the focus has been on the 17+, 360 Agility, so a really good starting place would be the 17.1 model. So Blake, take it away with the price and also what it offers.

So the price of this one is £220. So there could even be a £20 or £60 increase from something like the Vapour. I think it’s a bit too expensive for what it is, but this is the boot Leo Messi will be wearing. This is the version that he will be wearing that has laces, the 360 Agility does not have laces but this is the version he will be wearing. In terms of tech specs, now it’s pretty much the same as the 360 Agility, bar the laces. So this boot has laces. So you can actually tighten the central midfoot, lockin’ down your foot down into the shoe. This is the boot I would recommend for wide feet and not the lace-less version. In terms of upper, we see AgilityKnit 2.0, so that’s pretty much copied over from the Messi 16+ PureAgility. With that AgilityKnit upper. Really high quality in terms of that forefoot. It’s also got that 360 Agility Bandage. That bandage system really locks down your foot into the shoe. Now I think this bandage system is probably the most unique thing about the Messi 17.1 boots, as well as the 360 Agility, really tightens that midfoot, you don’t have any cables to lock your foot down into the shoe. You’ve got the laces and the agility bandage system just to really lock down your foot to the shoe. In terms of the back of the boot, we’ve got that Dual Lock Collar. Again, it’s a very unique style of collar, locking your heel down into the shoe. On the sole plate, it’s Torsion-Framed it’s not Sprint-Framed this time around. You’ll see those two torsion bars on the midfoot there. Really strong and stiff, it’s quite a stiff sole plate. But once you break it in, it’s quite good. Matty, there’s also a kid’s version right?

Yeah, so there is a kid’s version available and the best thing is it is a lot cheaper. It’s £120, so £100 cheaper than the £220 adult 17.1 version. Is it exactly the same? Almost exactly. The one thing which is different is that the sole plate doesn’t feature TorsionFrame. Does it make a massive difference in performance? Not really whatsoever. It’s probably down to the stud configuration in terms of traction and responsiveness so it’s actually a really good bargain. £100 cheaper for the kids version at £120. So back into the Nemeziz boot game and this time lookin’ at the 17.2 which is probably gonna be the most popular boot in the entire solo series and that’s because the price tag is £100 cheaper than the 17.1 with the 17.2 costing £100 to £120. Blake, is that a good deal?

I think that is a good price point for this type of football boot ’cause it does have a few features copied over from the 17.1 and the 360 Agility. Yes, it does have laces, obviously, so it’s very similar to that 17.1. In terms of AgilityKnit 2.0, it doesn’t have that upper but it still does have a very soft and thin synthetic upper similar to what you saw on somethin’ like the Ace 16.2 Primemesh. That Primemesh was a very good boot. It has very good value for money because that upper was quite soft. In terms of the bandage system, yes it does have that bandage system but it’s not quite the same. It won’t lock down your feet into the shoe the same as what the 17.1 one does and that back of the boot, again, it has that Duel Lock Collar, so again, it’s gonna look very similar to that Nemeziz 17.1 in terms of sole plates, again, it has TorsionFrame. So it’s a slightly different version of what you see on the pro-level ones but it does have that TorsionFrame with those torsion bars. Very very good value for money football boot. Matty, what do you think of the boot?

Well for me, given the choice out of the 17.1 or the 17.2, I’m not gonna lie, I’ll put my hand up and say I would still rather pay the extra and go for the 17.1 to get the slightly more premium feeling boot. But don’t get me wrong, I think most of you guys out there, Blake might say it as well, that they’d rather save £100 and get the 17.2 because the differences are just so slight. So let’s take it down another level this time with the Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 which costs around £60 to £80. So Blake, a little bit of a jump down or a big jump down?

I think this is probably the biggest jump down in terms of the whole Nemeziz line from the 17.2 to the 17.3, I think this is the biggest jump down in quality. Now, this doesn’t have the AgilityKnit 2.0. It doesn’t have that bandage system. It has that Duel Lock Collar, that’s probably the only feature carried over. And it doesn’t have the TorsionFrame. So these are the four biggest features and it doesn’t have any of that, apart from the Duel Lock Collar. So overall, I think if you’re a kid out there wanting a cheap boot just to wear for your match days, go for the 17.3, but if you’re a player that wants a bit more quality in your game and a bit more higher performance, go for something like the 17.2. What would you get Matty?

Well, I think it’s actually a really interesting topic because we just spoke about the 17.1 and 17.2 and which one I’d go for. Now that had a massive price difference of £100, so definitely you could go for the 17.2 in that situation. But this time, the .2 to the .3 is only gonna be about £40 difference, so in my opinion I would just pay that little bit more to get the more premium feeling 17.2 rather than the 17.3. But, Blake, there’s also a Tango version available.

So for a cheaper price you can get a Nemaziz indoor version. So there are indoor versions of the pro-level ones, but this is the cheaper version of that Nemeziz line.

So let’s get into the most scaled-down but also the most affordable Nemeziz, and that is the 17.4. And this is also the first time that you can really see a difference in how the boot looks.

Blake, what are we lookin’ at?

So essentially, what this boot is designed for is that it’s an entry-level football boot. Kids from the age of four to ten are likely going to wear this boot. It’s only £40 so something like 60 U.S. dollars for kids in the U.S. But overall, in terms of quality, this is very, very poor. It has none of the features we mentioned before on the 17.2 or 17.3. It’s all made to look like the proper Nemeziz line, but parents if you wanna get your kid a boot this summer at an affordable price, get the Nemeziz 17.4

So let’s get into the absolute creme de la creme of the new Nemeziz and that is the 17+ 360 Agility and I have got a problem with this boot. It’s got nothing to do with the performance, nothing to do with the comfort, it is the price tag. £280, which is the most expensive pair of football boots I have ever seen on the market. Is it worth it?

I mean, I’ll talk about the boot tech specs before, I think, if it’s worth it or not. Tech specs wise, I think it’s really, really high. Matty, this is the highest performing football boot in my eyes. It’s got a Torsion Tape, that 360 Agility Bandage System. Very, very responsive with that AgilityKnit 2.0 upper on the forefoot there. Very, very barefoot touch on the ball. That Duel Lock Collar locking down your heel into the shoe with that TorsionFrame with those torsion ropes. Very very high quality sole plate, upper, and the whole boot is quite high-quality but for £280, I would go for the 17.1.

What would you get, Matty.

Do you know what, I think that’s the point. Let’s change solo over to the Ace. Look at the PureControl or the 17.1 PrimeKnit. Now hands up, every single day, I would go for the 17.1 because I prefer it, it has laces, and also it’s £30 cheaper. This time around, exactly the same on the Nemeziz. Go for the 17.1 because it has laces, you can customise the fit and it is so much more cheap and this time even £50. So in my opinion, I’ll still go for the lace 17.1.

So there’s also a kid’s version of the 360 Agility which is £160. So kids, you can get a kid’s version of the 17.1 as well as the 360 Agility. So you’re paying, again, that premium for the kid’s version as well over the 17.1. And again, there is also a pro-level Tango version of the Nemeziz 360 Agility which is £170. So again, that’s at the high end in terms of prices for football and indoor shoes but you definitely can get a pro-level 360 Agility version.

So that’s the entire range of the new Nemeziz solo and for me, the two boots which stand out are the 17.1, ’cause I’ll go for that over the 360 Agility because of the price and because of the laces. But also, for a lot of you guys out there, the 17.2 is gonna be a great option for you. Much more affordable and still offers a lot.

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