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Academy Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2

Dean Ariola

With the Phantom Luna/GX 2 Academy, you have a cheaper execution of the boot worn by the likes of Erling Haaland, Phil Foden and Mason Mount. So no need to spend much if you’re just after wearing a pair that looks similar to these football stars. But if you’re more into getting value for money, the question is: are they worth getting at their price point in relation to other boots that cost the same?

Things to Know about the Academy Luna/GX 2

  1. Luna is the collared (DF) and GX is low-cut
  2. £88 for the DF; £78 for the low
  3. Directly competes with the adidas Predator League
  4. Replaces Gripknit with a toned-down NikeSkin material attached to a relatively more structured synthetic quarter
  5. Studs configuration similar to Pro and Elite GX; multigrounded by default
  6. Features alongside Academy Superfly 9/Vapor 15, Academy Tiempo Legend 10 at the time of release
  7. Academy Luna/GX 2 also produced in Nike Jr. Kids sizes

Luna/GX 2 Academy Options


MG Luna 2 – Despite having the same stud configuration as the Elite and Pro, Academy GX is labelled by Nike as suitable for natural and artificial grass

MG GX 2 – Same as above, just without the sock collar

AG –  Much better for option for synthetic pitches, if you ask us 

SG –  Get this when the winter ice starts to melt, or when it rains; quite heavy with the 1st-gen Anti-Clog soleplate 

EasyOn – Perfect for those with accessibility needs; still based on the Phantom GT that the GX replaces

TF –  For 5-a-side games

IN –  A pair of budget futsal boots

Your Academy Luna/GX 2 Expert Review

Phantom GX Academy

Available in both collared & low option the Academy GX brings the looks of the latest Phantom with less tech, that means less grip on the ball from them. The MG sole means you can play on grass & artifical pitches and they come in both adult and junior sizes, great for those starting out.

Product SKU: DD9473

Product Brand: Nike

Editor's Rating:

✔️ Pros
  • Multiple soleplate options 
  • Nikeskin mesh upper breaks down nicely; initial plasticky sensation helps retain some structure and responsiveness after break-in time
  • Generic lasting applies to a variety of foot shapes; good for wider foot types than the Mercurial Academy
  • Same stud configuration as the Elite’s Cyclone 360, if you like what it offers
  • Heel lockdown feels ok for the price
❌ Cons
  • Don’t expect any grip; has at least some ridge texturing for a tactile sensation
  • MG tooling might actually be too aggressive for artificial grass
  • Luna 2 Academy’s collar on the flaccid side
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Previous Academy GX Reviewed

✔️ Pros
  • NikeSkin mesh above-average in terms of ball touch 
  • Fit and feel has a more sculpted finish, not generic (e.g. the more rounded or extra volume ones) like other takedown boots; lacing setup helps you to even better the lockdown
  • MG-exclusive to Academy
  • Some might like the firmer soleplate than the more flexible outsole of the Elite; studs traction is near the level of the premium GX boots
  • Still good for wider foot types than the Mercurial Academy
❌ Cons
  • No grip at all
  • MG tooling might actually be too aggressive for artificial grass
  • Adjusting the laces a bit hard in the DF model
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Some of the popular boot reviewers have also reviewed the Academy GX and here’s what they have to say…

Josh of SR4U:

  • As good as it gets regarding synthetic boots at this price point in relation to touch and feel from the upper
  • Go for low if you like a traditional feel; DF for a more sock-like sensation
  • Has a similar shape to Elite; quality of fit is above-average; same goes to the soleplate
  • Has decent width, Low could be better because of the regular tongue construction
  • True-to-size
  • Overall, impressed with the Academy GX; just disappointed Gripknit not replicated at a cheaper build

Jay Mike of Unisport:

  • NikeSkin mesh as open as the Ghost Lacing cover; no sticky grip but natural mesh texture at least does not make the boot sleek
  • Pull string in DF quite handy
  • Foam package not as lovely as the Pro
  • Soleplate and stud looks the same as the Pro
  • Upper will be soft and comfortable but will be on the flimsy side once broken in; structure gets less after several use
  • Lacks connection to the Elite GX relative to that of the Academy Mercurial and Tiempo to their flagship elite counterparts

GX vs GT Academy

Right off the bat, we can say that the GX Academy is an upgrade over the GT. The mesh NikeSkin just gives the GX a premium feel, a complete turnaround from the cheaper synthetic used in the discontinued Phantom line. Not that it is too uncomfortable, but that cheaper synthetic makes the GT feel wider with excess volume. This is most noticeable with the creases that appear once you bend your foot. The NikeSkin helps the GX have that nice, sculpted fit.

At the time of this writing, the GX still doesn’t have the Flyease model. The current one is still based on the discontinued GT line. Another thing that you might miss on the GT Academy is that it still has a bit of the Generative Texture. It’s a bit of a far cry from the Academy GX that has no attempt to make a cheaper execution of Gripknit.

Traction-wise, the GX has a slight advantage because of the inclusion of the tri-star studs which you can also find in the Elite and Pro GX models. Still the GT has that solid MG soleplate that is above-average for a takedown boot.


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