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Personalised Shin Pads

Dean Ariola

We usually talk about boots, and to a certain extent grip socks. Now let’s turn our attention to shin pads. These football accessories always go behind the socks of our idols, so they tend to be overlooked by adoring fans. But is there a brand that thrives in giving the best there is as far as these guards go?

Customisable Shin Guards

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And no less than the living legend Brazilian Ronaldinho has given his stamp of approval! 4Kickerz markets itself as the most advance football shin pads in the market. And not only are they going for the mantle of world’s most advance shin guards, they also hold the trust of more than 400+ elite-level players. We’re talking about the likes of David Alaba, Paolo Dybala, Harvey Elliott, Curtis Jones, Kai Havertz, Mateo Kovacic and Rodrygo, not to mention legends like John Terry, Mesut Ozil and Iker Casillas., to name a few.

Make no mistake, the English-based shin pads brand is just at its startup phase! And to reach that number of top-tier players served, despite possible clashes with their big technical sponsors, should be a testament that whatever they do is indeed changing the game for shin pads…What then are they able to do right?

The Bowling Ball Bounce Test

A rough kick or tackle to you shin can literally break you and your career. So consider the test above where a heavy bowling ball is dropped into the current shin pads available in the market. Would you rather have your shins succumbed to lunges or have them diffuse impact upon force? In a remarkable, no-nonsense comparison ad video, 4Kickerz has displayed that what they have going on is for real and that you can easily tank your way towards goal no matter the flurry of boots to your shin!

Sure they’re sturdy upon impact. But if they’re built like metal how does that really do me any good?

Well, they’re not. Check this out!

Did you catch that? See how flexible they are when he was squishing them before he put them in place and hammer his shin away? It’s as if you’ve placed a couple of Black Panther’s vibranium pads on your shin, that’s how shock absorbent they are!

How did they do that?!

4Kickerz has always been transparent about this. They use a Poron®XRD foam to diffuse the impact towards every inch of space of the shin pad. The effect is truly outstanding and can be seen in this demonstration.

But do they slip?

Using a special sticky coating and a grip technology-infused fabric, 4Kickerz ensures that you won’t get frustrated with having to deal with readjusting your shin pads all the time. Nor do you need to use a ton of tape, which can be very bad to the blood flow to your legs.

So going back to the quote above:

Shin Guard Revolution!


Advanced in Tech, Advanced in Customisation

Now this perhaps is what sweetens the deal. Notice how none of the players shin pads look alike? That is because 4Kickerz offer a HIGH DEGREE of personalisation by not just allowing you to input your name or a drawing here and there, they actually allow PICTURES to be printed on the shin pad itself! On top of that, you can choose to have a different look for you left pad and a different one for the right. Sure, they’ll just be covered by your socks. But at least when you or your team gets to score, you can always put your socks down for a few minutes and flash those wonderful, customised shin pads to mark the occassion!


We’ll leave you with SubStance Football’s under-a-minute review of 4Kickerz Shin Pads…



Dean Ariola

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