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Design Your Own Mercurial With Nike By You

Dean Ariola

We described how it’s possible to get a custom colourway for your pair of Vapors or Superflys using the Nike By You service. The customisation options, while conducive for creativity in designing your football boots, can be overwhelming for some. Worse if you end up mismatching the colours and/or the graphics design. We compiled some of the actual Mercurials produced through Nike By You to give you some inspiration and idea on how you can best execute the best personalised design possible on your Nike pair…

uniquecleats_10 Customised Vapors and Xmas-inspired Pair

Soccer shoe enthusiast uniquecleats_10 just shown us in its IG two pairs of Nike By You Vapors. The first one had the fail-safe combination of white with black. The timeless colourway sat on top of a golden soleplate to add more glamour and shine. A closer look revealed a minute night sky graphic, also in gold, confined within the Swoosh outline to give the boot an understated detail. You can always follow this example and keep your Nike By You Vapors a colour combination that simply works…

The other Nike By You Vapors by uniquecleats_10 was event-inspired, perfect for the upcoming Christmas. Red took over the base, light green then coloured the laces and brandings, and white covered the laces and Swoosh solid, all completing the holiday motif. The festive mood was further conveyed by the template Night Sky graphic extended all over the upper, going white against the red base and black against the white Swoosh fill. Using this example, you can always apply a colour and/or a design that will best commemorate any occasion, perhaps even memorable events in your life that you like to express in your football boots.

Boot Nerds Design their Own Mercurial Superfly 9!

If you like to see Nike By You in action though, Boot Nerds Jay Mike of Unisport and Josh of SR4U gave us an excellent video on doing your design step-by-step. As the video showed, it’s possible to actually do a Puma Tricks-type of half-and-half design in colour accents. It also gave us a preview of their respective preferences and thoughts behind the details they had chosen.


Dean Ariola

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