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World’s Biggest Football Boot Revealed

Dean Ariola

No…it’s not just sculpted or 3D printed. With the Qatar World Cup making history for a variety of reasons, this one here is also for the books, specifically the Guinness Book of World Records. Using leather, fiber, rexine, foam sheet, and acrylic sheets, IMAX Gold (a prominent rice producer and exporter in India) made what will be entered in Guinness as the world’s biggest football boot ever.

Curator and artist M Dileep supervised the production of the boot that weighs 450 kg and stands at 7 feet tall and 17 feet long. It might not have the looks of popular boots like the adidas Predator or Nike Mercurial, but the laces and the studs suffice to carry out one of the most iconic symbols of football to epic proportions…

The City of Kozhikode was privileged to be the first witness to the history-in-the-making football boot before it was later unveiled in Qatar through the leadership of youth organisation Focus International. The World’s Biggest Boot will parade all over the different centres in Qatar in promotion of the first winter and Arab world cup.


Dean Ariola

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