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Under Armour Boots

Blake Grice

Under Armour football boots have gone through ups and downs in their relatively young boot history. The brand had worked with the likes of Antonio Rüdiger and Tyrone Mings. But arguably their best player was Trent Alexander-Arnold, whose rise to stardom in Liverpool gave Under Armour the perfect platform to further expand their influence in football boots. However, Alexander-Arnold has now moved on to adidas.

Founded in 1996 by a former University American Football player, Under Armour were initially known for their moisture-wicking fabric for athletic performance. The company didn’t start offering footwear until 2006; with the launch of their Dominate and Create boots, in 2011 the company added to their football line with the Blur and Hydrastrike. In recent years UA made great strides in soccer, after initially being known just for American Football. Besides the names mentioned above, they also provided boots for the likes of Memphis Depay and Granit Xhaka.

Under Armour Football Boots

Magnetico Elite 3
Shadow Elite 2

Before he went to adidas, Trent Alexander-Arnold was rocking a pair of the Magneticos. The main draw of the silo is the clone technology-basically referring to the upper and how easily it moulds around the shape of your feet. It’s a very pliable material, which is good for comfort but may be not so for responsiveness. It has a women-specific variant that has a standard tongue construction instead of an integrated knit.

On the other hand, Under Armour dives into the world of speed boots with the Shadow Elite, now on its second generation. It has a knitted upper construction, and gives carbon fibre as an outsole material a return to football boots. Eddie Nketiah suits up this football footwear that showcases a very aggressive stud configuration.


Blake Grice

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