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Rugby Boots

Rugby Union and Rugby League players have made a significant move away from general football boots to rugby-specific boots in the last decade, with leading manufacturers like adidas creating unique ranges developed to cater to the individual needs of Rugby players.

Adidas Men's Adipower Kakari SG S £64.99
Adidas Men's Adipower Kakari SG S
Adidas Men's Malice Elite SG S £64.99
Adidas Men's Malice Elite SG S

With positions and player roles varying more than Football individual players, who may be playing on the same side, in the same conditions, may well require different footwear depending on the job they are being asked to do on the field. Hence the boots a front-rower wears, which feature extensive support round the ankles, heavy padding across the fore-foot to cope with the rigours of the contact area, and long studs for gaining traction in the scrums will differ hugely from those worn by the outside backs, who favour boots which are lightweight, streamlined and built for speed.

Boots for kickers have evolved significantly in the last few years, with specific kicking zones being employed to help not only goal-kicking, but also kicking out of hand, while a loose-forward's boots represent a delicate balance between ensuring optimal grip when pushing and driving in scrums and mauls, and a lightweight finish to ensure top-end speed to the break-down is never threatened.

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