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The Boot Chamber Football Boot Store

Dean Ariola

You might easily dismissed The Boot Chamber as simply another Football Boot Reseller, but there’s a reason why it’s in the business and why it’s Instagram presence and following are growing. Like most resellers, TBC has an affinity with some of the most popular old-school boots like the earlier lines of the adidas Predators, Nike Mercurials, and other discontinued silos from both brands. But unlike the more established ones in putting up old silos for sale, TBC has a dedicated ‘Kids’ Club’ section that will introduce to young players the likes of Predator Precisions, Powerswerves, and even the Total 90 Laser IIs. Another competitive side of TBS is its ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ scheme through its partnership with Klarna. Adding the cherry on top is its 5-star rating in Trustpilot.

The Boot Chamber in IG

Instagram: @thebootchamber


The Boot Chamber’s origins follows the same simple beginnings as most of those involved in reselling football boots. For James Williams, founder of TBC, the initial intention was to simply share and post his Predator collection in Instagram. Next thing he knew, there were already offers for his beloved Predator boots. Buoyed by this event, he started checking out eBay for his initial stocks, and was able to grow his business from there to a £100k-a-year boot operation. You can read more about his story in this article from Mirror.


Dean Ariola

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