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Halt’s Boots – Deadstocks and Modern Classics

Dean Ariola

For our friends in America, another source you can check for boots that are already discontinued is Halt’s Boots. A quick glance at their boot room would show that most of their stocks involve silos of the past couple of years, with significant allocation towards present generation colourways that are no longer officially sold. It’s easy to say that their business is going well given their strong IG following and professionals seeking their service, putting them in a good position for the future in a few years time.

Halt’s Boots in IG

Instagram: @halts_boots


Based on their posts, Halt’s Boots seem to have the capability to source multiple units of deadstocks, such as their sale of the Predator 20.1 Uniforias, the Superspectral X Ghosted.1s, and the Daybreak Vapor 13 Elites. Given their relatively lack of classics and rare boots hailing from decades ago, their approach seems to be strategic and inclined towards recent on-demand colourways, which could only serve them good and prepare them to have some of the best classics in the decades to come.


Dean Ariola

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