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Blackout Boots

Dean Ariola

Blackout boots have not only been the go-to look for the true purists of the game that prefer the traditional look and to let their footballing ability do the talking on pitch but also for the young academy players of today who are instructed that only black boots are allowed. The problem is that the latest boots, which feature various innovative technologies, are released in flashy colourways, therefore home DIY blackout kits have become available so any boots upper can be transformed into a back-to-black visual.

The blackout kits come with three different bottles of liquid for preparing the boot, dying the boot, and finishing the boot to ensure the highest quality end result is achieved. Full sets of instructions along with additional brushes are also included within the package so all you have to do is purchase the kit and you’re on your way to bringing a classic look to your favourite boots. Whilst the blackout treatment will work on the vast majority of uppers, materials such as Nike’s Flyknit and adidas’ Primeknit will struggle to remain black due to the absorption the liquid.

How to Black Out your Football Boots

As you can see on the video, the preparation stage involves gently scrubbing off the boot manufacturer’s coating and treatment of the upper so as to prevent them from repelling the black dye. Just like repainting your walls or your car, changing the colour of your boots (even if it’s just going to be the good old black) requires clearing and readying them to be the perfect blank canvass.

Regarding the actual application of the black dye, observe that it is comprised of multiple small brush dabs rather long strokes. Tedious, but what you get is consistency in the intensity of the black colour all throughout. Aside from that, it consists of several rounds of application, meaning that you layer the black paint on top of the other after each drying phase. This prevents the black dye from just fading out (allowing the natural boot colours to creep back in), producing a clean and polished finish to the blackout look.

If there’s a solution to prepare the boot, then there’s also one for securing the blackout work! No matter how much layers of black coating you apply, the long, hard grind of the season will simply wear down the black paintjob. The finishing solution seals in the black dye on the boot.

Not comfortable with DIY blackout work?

Here at Football Boots UK, we offer blackout service if you want an expert to execute the work for you. What’s more, you can let us know what additional customisations you like to apply!

Additionally, we also recommend the custom blackout service providers below. We’ve seen their work and can say for certain that you won’t get disappointed! Just go to the images below to learn more about them…


Dean Ariola

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