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Custom Football Boot Artworks by Silni Art

Dean Ariola

You may have seen those incredible boots with custom art, such as the Grizi 100 and Pulisic Ultra 1.3s and the Neymar Spectra x Fornite Future Z. The artist behind the designs is none other than France-based Silni Art. Silni Art has been collaborating with Puma in providing creative graphic designs to the boots of the German brand’s growing list of popular football players. It was him that added an elegant touch to the otherwise traditional-looking King Platinum when Puma first welcomed Neymar.

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Silni Art also does fun animation graphics like the time he matched the Vapor 13 New Lights with a matching One-piece artwork and the X 19+ Hard Wired with a Super Mario theme. With that said, the artist does delve into social justice messaging when he added a Black Lives Matter design to Prince Boateng’s Ultra 1.1 launch colourway and Kevin Mirallas’ Say No to Racism King Platinums. Follow Silni Art on Instagram now for more of his football boot pieces.


Dean Ariola

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