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adidas Release Black and White Copa Pure II Boots

Dean Ariola

By 2024, we’ll have a new face for the Predator and a new flagship model for the adidas speed boots. So while we’re waiting for the new year to come in, we can feast our eyes on a couple of new Copa Pure IIs that will form part of the ‘Base Packs.’ They are the new blacked out and whited out collections from adidas and are respectively titled ‘Base Black’ and ‘Base White.’ These Copa Pure IIs from the monochrome releases are perfect for those who like the adidas leather boot option in a no-nonsense, focused look.

So as the names of the pack suggest, the Copa Pure IIs offer a distinct black and an unmistakeable white options for the adidas silo. But regardless if you opt for the dark mode and or kick the brightness in full blast, silver accents from the adidas stripes are what connections the two base packs together as far as the Copa Pure II is concerned. Besides the looks, it’s worth noting that the top-level Copa Pure II in the base packs does not anymore have that one-piece upper Primeknit tongue option and has instead settled with the standard tongue construction.

And not only has adidas decided to make some changes on the premium-level execution of the Copa Pure II, it has also changed the way the boots are called in terms of top-tier and takedown levels. The plus/.1 now is called the Elite and the .3 is now League (at the moment of this writing, those are the only available information regarding the naming system). It is expected that this new labels will also be applied to the other adidas silos.


Dean Ariola

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