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Are The Copa20 For You?

adidas upped their game with the release of the laceless Copa20, the launch so a revamp to the laced 20.1 version too, whist the Copa Gloro for 19.2 maintains the well loved tongue cover. Which of these will suit you best though?

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If you're considering the Copa 20, the latest drop from adidas worn by Paulo Dybala and a host of three stripes endorsed players, we have the info for you on the leather boots from adidas.

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An evolution of the COPA’s classic leather treatment, featuring a seamless and less permeable skin, re-defining touch for a football boot.

The design of the Copa 19+ is engineered to maximise movement. The Exoframe stabilises movement and enhances traction. The two footshape inlays allow optimal cushioning. The stud positioning and shape have been designed to optimise rotation.

The X -Ray Vamp brings the foot closer to the ball, reducing slippage and maximizing touch. The Purecut laceless upper removes unneeded layers to maximise control

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