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adidas Copa Sense

adidas introduces further innovations to their modern Copa already equipped with the groundbreaking Fusionskin technology. Will they be your next pair of football boots? Continue reading on to find out more about the Copa Sense.

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The current Copa generation is known for its Fusionskin technology, a seamless fusion of premium K-leather with the trademark knit material from adidas called Primeknit. The result is an upper that is soft, plush, and flexible.

Fusionskin not only makes the upper mould around your foot shape but also reduces water uptake. Now, aside from the damp leather ball touch, you can have better control and, in essence, a better 'sense' for the ball with the following new feature.

Curved, flowing foams called Touchpods sit atop the lateral and medial sides. Meant to diffuse impact upon connecting with the ball, the Touchpods aim to prevent ball recoil especially when receiving it from crosses or high-speed passes.

Another innovation to the Copa Sense is the introduction of the Softstuds; the Softstuds are the two medial studs injected with softer material so that they could bend upon ball contact. If the Touchpods are for your first touch, the Softstuds are for your ball-trapping skills.

Complementing the form-fitting Fusionskin are the Sensepods foam placed anatomically around the inside of the heel. Sensepods eliminates unwanted spaces around the achilles and the ankle, thus improving the one-to-one connection of the boot and foot. Lastly, using an elasticated material, the collar opening is slightly adjusted on the lateral side to provide a more adaptive fit around the ankle.

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