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Ollie Watkins's Boots

Ollie Watkins is Aston Villa's main man up front and wears the Nike Phantom GT that features Generative Texture grip elements for better ball grip and control. Watkins benefits from the said technology as evidenced by his scoring numbers this season.

What is Watkins Wearing?

He has a knack for being in the right place at the right time, with the GT's soft Flyknit upper and flexible Hyperquick soleplate assists him in doing the quick cuts and movements necessary for getting into goal scoring positions. Before the Phantom GT though, he was one of Under Armour's football players and was wearing the Magnetico Pro, a tight-fitting football boot with a barefoot feel.

The boot required minimal to no break-in time at all courtesy of its Clutchfit technology. The technology has an internal webbing that instantaneously forms around your foot shape, plus a Formtrue synthetic overlay that mimics the feel and benefits of ultra-thin leather. With such a high-performing boot, he performed well with Brentford in the 2019-2020 Championship season where he won the EFL Championship Player of the Year award.

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