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Phantom GX vs Predator Accuracy

Dean Ariola

With the Phantom GX and Predator Accuracy, you arguably have two of the best football boots as far as ball grip is concerned. But like any other football boots, there is always much more to it than just their central features. In this section we put the boots side-by-side, discuss where each boot has a comparative advantage, and help you decide which suits you best…

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GX vs Accuracy
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Your GX and Accuracy Boots:

GX DF – High-cut collar w/ Ghost Lacing Cover

GX LOW – Low-cut Nike Phantom

ACCURACY+ – Collared and laceless

ACCURACY.1 – Laced; has a collared version and another with a low-cut opening

Gripknit vs High-Definition Grip

Well, there it is…Both the Phantom GX and the Predator Accuracy put ball grip at their core, but do so in their own unique take. The Nike boot has Gripknit technology that combines sticky yarns with high-tenacity ones into one, seamless upper. On the other hand, the Predator Accuracy has mini rubber grip blocks proliferating across the toe box of its Hybridtouch upper.

Predator vs Phantom

Suffice to say that both grip technologies work, and they do so without being too overpowering! If you happen to wear any of the Predator Mutator, Freak or Edge before, you would know that the grip of those boots is so much that it takes time to get used to the sensation. The Phantom GT that the GX replaces did have Texture technology, which in practise just generated friction to prevent the ball from slicking away rather than enhancing ball grip itself.

In short, the grip in both boots feel optimal and functional. So our guess is it all boils down to the look that you would like to rock. The GX does look clean and smooth in its execution of the Gripknit technology, while the Accuracy exudes boldness and fierceness with the predator-skin like visuals of the grip blocks.

Phantom and Predator Fit and Feel Compared

Both uppers feel comfortable against the feet, offering a sensation that is relaxed and more-form fitting rather than the seatbelt-like strapping when wearing a speed boot like the Nike Mercurial. However, the GX offers a relatively sharper touch on the ball without feeling overly barefoot, whereas the Hybridtouch upper of the Accuracy leans on being rich and padded as it mimics the benefits of leather. In terms of weight, the GX is the lighter of the two.

True-to-size is the best way to go for the GX and the Accuracy, but it must be said that the former perhaps has an additional quarter size length. As far as width is concerned, they are wide-fitting. Narrow-feet players may experience some dead spaces here and there regardless of which boot they go to (highly recommended to wear either with grip socks in this case).

Between the two, however, the Phantom GX looks to be the friendlier boot to those with narrow feet because of the deeper lacing system and, most importantly, because of the DF model that adds more material to the boot especially around the heel. The thing is the GX has removed the seam on the heel to make it soft and flexible against that part of the foot, which has caused perhaps some side effect of having a reduced lockdown on the rear of the boot. The issue is more pronounced on the GX Low as it does not have the additional layers that the DF provides.

Whatever it is that is causing some fitting issues for the Predator Accuracy is not helped by the fact that the lacing seems to be a bit shallow. Still, laces still trump the laceless when it comes to additional lockdown, so we suggest getting the .1s over the + model.

Soleplate Profiles

The studs on the GX has more variety and includes a set of conicals, chevrons and the tri-stars first seen on the Air Zoom Mercurials It’s a stud configuration that encourages more agility-based actions like the twists and pivots as well as lateral movements. On top of that, the soleplate itself falls on the flexible side of the spectrum, which is intentionally designed to be as such so that it can flex naturally with the foot just like how the Gripknit upper does.

The solid triangular blades from the Accuracy’s Facetframe have aggressiveness written all over it. The traction is obviously high level, and the outsole (or the inner board, we should say) has that strategic flex point where it does flex to certain point and then goes on to be rigid and stable on the midfoot.

One thing to call out though on the Facetframe is the Power Facet metal piece on the forefoot. It is meant to redistribute weight and add power to your striking, but in reality you have to be extra sensitive to notice the effect, if ever there is one.

There is no shortage of stars on either boot. Harry Kane, Phil Foden and Kevin de Bruyne, arguably recognised names at this point, get their technical skills enhanced by the Nike Phantom GX. Going on to the other side, it must be exciting for the adidas Predator Accuracy to have the likes of Jude Bellingham and Pedri, two players who are on track to have an excellent football career like no other.

GX vs Accuracy: Which Boot To Pick?

In conclusion, we can only say that each boot has its reasons to prevail over the other. Disregarding the point of similarities between the two like the grip and wide fit, here is a summary of where they differ and, thus, where you might find your reason for picking one of them:

✔️ For GX
  • Clean-looking grip boot
  • Slightly sharp ball touch
  • With a Ghost Cover that maintains the laces for better lockdown but with a cleaner striking surface
  • Flexible soleplate to go with the natural bend of the upper
✔️ For Accuracy
  • Fierce visuals from the rubber elements
  • Rich and padded ball contact
  • With a laceless option
  • Much more stable, responsive soleplate


Dean Ariola

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